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Sawgrass Technologies Inc. - 6/22/2009

Sawgrass Technologies Releases M-FP Ink Film Positive

Sawgrass Technologies, a world leader in the development of on-demand digital imaging technologies, 
announced today the release of M-FP Ink Film Positive, a dye-based, waterproof ink for screen printing that 
provides superior durability, UV-blocking, and image definition at a lower cost than high-priced waterproof film.

Pigment-based M-FP inks offer more resistance to UV light than dye-based inks currently on the market.  
With the ability to dry quickly on most standard clear films, M-FP ink allows users to print multiple films at once 
and burn screens immediately after printing.  It is especially formulated to create high quality circular dots at 40, 
50, 55, and 60 LPI resulting in crisp, sharp, and high-resolution screens and shirts. M-FP nk’s high quality 
output with superior ink run ability is further enhanced with dense blacks and superior gray scale that equates 
to higher quality screen reproductions, higher quality graphics and the ability to printer higher LPI screen and 
ultimately, superior final output. 

"M-FP ink film positive offers screenprinters a lower cost, waterproof option with exceptional quality," said Terry 
Combs, Sales Director for Sawgrass. "Sawgrass continues to develop the most advanced digital printing solutions 
and we’re excited to introduce this new technology to the screenprinting industry."

M-FP ink cartridges are available for the Epson 4880, 4800, 1800, and 1400 printer systems through an 
authorized network of distributors.  M-FP will work with most common RIP software, such as CADlink, 
FastRIP, MultiRIP I-proof, and AccuRIP. For more information or for a free sample, please visit, call 888-253-1725 or email

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