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Canon Solutions America - 6/9/2009

Océ Adds Five New Digital Cutting Tables to Océ ProCut System

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, today announced the addition of five new digital 
cutting tables to its Océ ProCutTM system. The additional table models enable shops with larger roll-based 
inkjet printers to effectively cut and trim media, and provide better support of oversized rigid media that can 
be used on the Océ Arizona® 350 XT UV flatbed printer, which can print onto rigid media up to 98.4 inches by 
120 inches.

Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables offer a versatile solution to all finishing needs including trimming and contour-
cutting, through-cutting, kiss-cutting, routing and creasing. The tables are suitable for roll media, sheets or rigid 
substrates up to 1.97 inches thick. Customers can choose from a variety of tables in the following sizes:

Océ ProCut 2500 M 51x98"
Océ ProCut 2500 L 70x98"
Océ ProCut 3200 L 70x124"
NEW Océ ProCut 1600 XL 86x63"
Océ ProCut 3200 XL 86x124"
NEW Océ ProCut 1600 XXL 107x63"
NEW Océ ProCut 3200 XXL 107x124"
NEW Océ ProCut 1600 XXXL 128x63"
NEW Océ ProCut 3200 XXXL 128x124"

The Océ ProCut system includes this expanded range of Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting 
operations, Océ ProCut Software for preparing the cut data in a seamless workflow, and expert pre- and post-
installation service & support. This complete package reduces labor and materials costs in the finishing stage 
while enabling customers to maintain high productivity levels and increase profit margins. It also opens the door 
to new business opportunities as customers can offer a wider range of services to their clients.

New V-cut Tool
Also now available for use on Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables is a V-cut tool, a specialized item that enables 
the creation of three-dimensional structural designs. It is ideal for cutting v-shaped channels into extremely rigid 
sandwich board. The V-cut tool will cut at a variety of angles on material up to 5/8" thick. Notched boards can 
then be bent onto their final shapes to create everything from furniture to temporary emergency shelters.

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