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Caldera - 6/11/2009

Caldera Develops 8 Eeparations Workflow

During the FESPA 2009 in Amsterdam,  Matan Digital Printers presented new features available for the fastest 
and most versatile Barak line of Super Wide Format Hybrid printers 5 and 3.5 meters wide.

Matan developed together with Caldera, a specific set of transition curves for light and dark inks optimized for 
the new 8 color printing Barak. Caldera then implemented these curves and settings within the OEM edition of 

With this innovation, Matan customers can now print in a higher resolution at the faster print modes and benefit 
an improved print quality without sacrificing speed.

"These new features, enhancements and options allow customers to be even more competitive in addressing a 
wider gamut of applications from PE billboard printing all the way to high quality flatbed jobs." Says Hanan 
Yosefi, Matan’s President & CEO.

"Working with OEM partners to improve the RIP - Printer performance ensures customers even more quality 
and productivity, because the new features are developed specifically for the machine’s characteristics" says 
Joseph Mergui President and CEO of Caldera.

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