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Palram - 6/3/2009

PALCLEAR PVC Panels now Available in Water Clear

Palram Americas, a US-based manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC sheets, now offers new Water Clear
PALCLEAR ™ Clear PVC sheets.

PALCLEAR’s new formulation has less haze and better light transmission that ever before, which opens up new 
applications to replace acrylic in thin gauge decorative applications. For thicker gauges, PALCLEAR offers great 
chemical and flammability resistance for industrial applications such as sight windows on chemical storage tanks 
and shields for chemical processing stations.  PALCLEAR can also be used as a substrate for printing applications 
requiring high chemical resistance. Palight readily accepts most digital and screen printing inks. The clarity of 
PALCLEAR allows images to be backside printed without image distortion. 

PALCLEAR is available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm (.040") to ½". Standard sheet sizes are 48" x 96" and 
custom sizes are available upon request. 

For more information, visit, or call Palram at (800) 999-9459.

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