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Mutoh - 5/22/2009

MUTOH’s Power Filter: with Mutoh’s Extended Protection Guarantee

Mutoh cares about you and your profit center! No matter what printer you currently own, MUTOH wants you to 
be making a profit! “MUTOH’s Power Filter: with Mutoh’s Extended Protection Guarantee is designed to maximize 
the performance of your digital equipment,” said Randy Rickert, Mutoh America’s General Manager. 

If your MUTOH Power Filter fails, and fails to protect your properly connected equipment due to abnormal 
electrical conditions, MUTOH’s Extended Protection Guarantee covers repairs, up to the full replacement 
value of the machine, for LIFE.

Not a MUTOH customer? Mutoh will still protect your printer guaranteed! Power surges and electrical 
disturbances found in buildings and power supplies can damage the efficiency and reliability of your digital 
machine. These common power problems can cause lockups, software corruption, board failures, downed 
systems, and catastrophic equipment damage.

The MUTOH Power Filter eliminates interference that may interrupt the proper operation of electrical or electronic 
equipment. MUTOH’s Power Filter provides protection from line to ground and neutral to ground, network 
protection, fax protection, DSL filtration, Lifetime Warranty, and Revenue Opportunity.

Get your MUTOH Power Filer for only $199.00, visit for more details.

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