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KAPCO - 5/15/2009

KAPCO Introduces 2 New Stencil Materials

KAPCO Graphic Products announces the addition of two new stencil materials - KAPCO Ultra-Cut II - and  KAPCO 
Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut--into our extensive line of sign vinyl supplies.

The premium, Ultra-Cut II stencil is a semi-rigid general purpose economical choice that easily conforms to 
curved or irregular surfaces.  Ultra-Cut II is an 8.5 mil, 0.0085" thick, white clay-coated polyethylene with a 
repositionable adhesive on a heavy natural Kraft backing stencil material designed for applications of characters 
¼" and larger.  Stencil and backing can withstand up to 180° F.

Replace oil boards with the Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut (SSB-Cut) 10 mil, 0.010" thick, semi-rigid coated 
polyethylene stencil material.  Non-adhesive material adhered to natural Kraft backing with a removable 
adhesive; designed for applications of characters ½" and larger.  SSB can withstand a 180° F application 

Application uses for Ultra-Cut II and SSB-Cut Stencil Materials are endless and common for marking or stenciling 
throughout a wide range of industries such as transportation, intermodal, military, manufacturing and municipality 
in addition to home craft.  Each stencil material is reusable, safe, non-toxic and recyclable; they resist inks, 
paints and stains plus have a coating that protects against runs and smears common with plastic stencils.  
Available in 15", 24" and 30" x 100’ rolls on 3" cores.

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