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INX International - 5/18/2009

INX International Opens New Toronto Office

INX International Ink Co. recently opened a new Canadian Field Operations office in the Toronto area.  The 
new space now gives INX two dedicated facilities to better service Canadian customers, with the main office 
being located in Terrebonne, Quebec.  

Located at 5444 Timberlea Blvd. in Mississauga, Ontario, the 15,000 square-foot facility was built to service 
and supply current customers and future growth throughout Canada.  Designed to handle the warehousing 
and distribution of solvent based and water based inks for Flexographic and Gravure, UV Flexo, UV Offset 
and Offset, it also provides for Aqueous and Energy curable coatings, and digital inks.  A fully equipped ink 
laboratory supports all product lines and automatic color blending is available for all Offset and water based inks.

"INX International has enjoyed very good growth in the greater Toronto area in the last few years, and this new 
facility will take us to the next level with our customers," said Ron Deegan, Director of Sales for the Liquid Ink 
Division in Canada and GM of INX Toronto.  "With two facilities now in Canada, it puts us in a strong position to 
focus on growth throughout the country.  This new facility signals a huge commitment to the Canadian printing 
market from INX International.  In uncertain economic conditions, it proves we are committed to our current 
customer base and that we are focused on growth and becoming a major player in the Canadian ink market."

The new ink laboratory is impressive and state-of-the-art.  Set up for color matching and some R & D projects, 
INX also has the capability to analyze customer packaging and offer technical service response.  It is equipped 
to handle automatic proofing equipment for Gravure, Flexographic, Offset, UV Offset, bond testing, heat seal, 
CoF, rub testing, UV curing and more.  The lab is supported by the company’s exclusive R & D facility in West 
Chicago, Illinois.

The new office replaces a former third party warehouse in the Toronto area that was used previously.  It also 
signifies the level of dedication INX is devoting to the packaging industry.

"We can fully supply and service all of our small to middle size customers who require finished inks and quick 
turnaround times," Deegan said.  "With the ability to warehouse and distribute various product lines, we are 
able to diversify our business and focus on growing not only in the Toronto metropolitan area, but across 

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