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Canon Solutions America - 5/14/2009

New Océ Arizona 300 GT Flatbed Printer Delivers Exceptional Image Quality for Light Production Environments

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, today announced the Océ Arizona® 300 GT 
printer, a new UV curable flatbed printer that delivers the same exceptional image quality as the Océ Arizona 
350 GT printer but is configured for light production environments. This configuration makes it accessible to 
print shops and sign makers with lower volume demands. The Océ Arizona 300 GT printer produces exceptional 
image quality and can print onto both rigid substrates and roll-based, flexible media.

Quality printing and productivity with a clear upgrade path
Like the award-winning Océ Arizona 350 GT printer, the Océ Arizona 300 GT printer uses Océ VariaDotTM 
imaging technology and four-color (CMYK) UV curable inks. The system can produce near-photographic image 
quality at a true production print speed (sellable prints) of 133 square feet per hour. The availability of this new, 
more affordable Océ Arizona model enables smaller companies to adopt proven Océ printing technology. 

This new model offers investment protection with an upgrade path to accommodate customers’ business needs 
as they grow. As production volumes increase, customers can field-upgrade their Océ Arizona 300 GT printer 
to an Océ Arizona 350 GT model and realize production print speeds of up to 239 square feet per hour. 
Upgrading to the Océ Arizona 350 GT model also gives customers the ability to add the White Ink Option for 
under-printing on non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and 
printing white as a spot color. 

With its accommodating upgrade path, the new Océ Arizona 300 GT printer demonstrates Océ’s commitment to 
protecting the capital investment its customers make in display graphics products. 

Media flexibility for a range of applications
The Océ Arizona 300 GT printer combines a true flatbed architecture with a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll media 
handling system. It can print onto rigid media up to 49.2” wide x 98.4” long x 1.89” thick. By adding the Roll Media 
Option, users can print onto flexible media up to 86.6” wide in an automated and unattended manner, such as for 
overnight operation.

Océ Arizona Series:  a complete range
The Océ Arizona 300 GT printer joins the popular Océ Arizona Series of UV curable, flatbed printers that also 
include the Océ Arizona 350 XT extra-large flatbed printer with White Ink Option and the Océ Arizona 350 GT 
production printer with White Ink Option. All three models share the same robust architecture and deliberate 
design that offer the Océ values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness.

The Océ Arizona Series of UV curable, flatbed printers has been honored throughout the world since the 
introduction of the original Océ Arizona 250 GT printer in September 2006. The numerous accolades – including 
DPI Product of the Year and BERTL® 4.5 Star Outstanding awards – validate the quality and innovation built 
into every Océ Arizona Series model, now the most popular printer series in its class.

The Océ Arizona 300 GT printer is expected to be available for U.S. deliveries in the second quarter of 2009.

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