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Durst Image Technology US LLC - 5/12/2009

Durst Enters Superwide Segment With New Rho 500R 5-Meter Roll Printer Equipped with Quadro 30D Array Heads

Durst has entered the superwide commercial imaging segment in a very big way with today’s introduction of the 
5-meter Rho 500R UV inkjet printer at the FESPA commercial imaging trade show in Amsterdam.  The Rho 
500R incorporates the latest in digital imaging, workflow and operational technologies to deliver exceptional 
superwide images for the most innovative, challenging applications - and do it economically at maximum 
production speeds, Durst said.

Durst, the world leader in production digital imaging, has equipped the Rho 500R with the latest iteration of its 
remarkable Quadro® 30D Array print head technology.  The number of nozzles per color is doubled to 2,048, 
ink temperature is accurately regulated at the nozzle and a Point Drop Setting ink regulation system is incorporated 
- to deliver the highest image quality at the highest speed, Durst said.

High-performance carriage and linear motor drive systems, precision Push Media transport mechanisms, built-in 
laser media tracking sensors, Durst’s intelligent dither technology, a range of user-settable parameters and a 
variety of other technologies combine to make the Rho 500R one of the most efficient, economical large-format 
imagers ever made, Durst said.  The printer is designed to operate unattended, uses less ink than other 
comparable superwide platforms, and minimizes operational costs due to its high productivity and efficient 
workflow, Durst said.

"We’re very proud to be able to say that our first entry into the superwide segment is demonstrably superior to 
every other superwide-format printer on the market," said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & 
Marketing for Durst U.S.  "By whatever measure you might choose - image quality, productivity, ease of use, 
reliability, versatility, cost of operation, efficiency or environmental impact - the Rho 500R sets the standard.  It’s 
best able to satisfy a range of needs for the commercial imager who doesn’t simply want to succeed, but to 
excel, in the superwide category."

The Rho 500R prints six-color, 600-dpi images on five-meter vinyl, mesh and other superwide roll media at 
speeds up to 4,300 s.f./hr.  But it also can print on three 1.6-meter rolls - of textiles or polyester film, for example - 
simultaneously to achieve high efficiency and handle a broader range of applications, Durst said.

Howard added that Durst will conduct customer “demos” over several weeks starting in June at its manufacturing 
facility in Lienz, Austria.  Interested companies in the U.S. and Canada should contact Durst U.S. at (585) 
486-0340, ext. 5270.  Durst also is planning to exhibit the Rho 500R in the U.S. at the SGIA trade show, Oct. 
7-9 in New Orleans.

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