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Mimaki - 4/14/2009

New Sublimation Transfer Printer for Sport Apparel TS3-1600/TS5-1600AMF

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the 
sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets is proud to present new sublimation transfer printers for sport 
apparel, TS3-1600 and TS5-1600AMF. The dye sublimation printers enable short run creation and production of 
various polyester sportswear. Both printers are equipped with Mimaki’s Bulk Ink System (MBIS) accommodating 
2 liter ink containers for long continuous unattended high quality printing.
TS3-1600 features one print head with 8 lines of 180 nozzles (total 1,440 nozzles) and achieves a speed of 
12.7 sqm/h at high speed mode (540 x 1080 dpi) and 7.7.sqm/h at standard  mode (720 x 720 dpi). The highly 
automated printer exhibits excellent cost-performance ratio and incorporates as standard an automatic media 
take-up system with torque adjustment. Thus smooth and seamless media path and web tension are enabled. 
TS3-1600 accommodates media rolls up to a maximum roll diameter of 180 mm and a maximum roll weight of 
25 kg.

TS5-1600AMF is a high-end, high-speed model featuring an array of 4 staggered print heads with 8 lines x 
180 nozzles. This results in a maximum speed of 44.4 sqm/h at high speed mode (540 x 720 dpi) and 25.3 
sqm/h at standard mode (720 x 720 dpi). The machine includes AMF (Auto Media Feeder) as standard. The 
substrate is fed via a dancer shaft absorbing web tension discrepancies caused by roll diameter change 
during printing. The AMF accommodates rolls up to a diameter of 250 mm and a maximum roll weight of 38 kg.

Both models feature Mimaki’s Bulk Ink Supply System (MBIS) accommodating 2 litter ink containers as well as 
the traditional 440 cc ink cartridges. Both ink supplies can be used separately or together according to the 
individual requirements of the job. As the new 2 litter ink containers need to be exchanged after longer time 
spans environmental impact and waste as well as costs are reduced significantly. Furthermore compared to 
Mimaki’s conventional dye sublimation ink (Sb51) the newly developed SB52 inks exhibit enhanced density 
values resulting in bright vivid color prints that are required for sport apparel. By adopting the new 2 litter ink 
containers ink costs can be reduced up to 40 % compared to conventional 440 cc ink (Sb51) cartridges.

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