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Mimaki - 4/15/2009

Mimaki Launches JV33-260 with Bulk Ink Supply and Auto Media Feeder

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd. (head office: Nagano, Japan; President: Akira Ikeda) is proud to announce the 
superwide inkjet printer JV33-260. The 2.60 m (103”) wide machine is equipped with Mimaki’s Auto Media 
Feeder (AMF) for rolls up to 100 kg (220lbs.) as standard feature and Mimaki’s bulk ink supply system (MBIS). 

Since its introduction in 2003 the solvent superwide format printer JV3-250SP has evolved to one of the best-
selling machines in its market. The award-winning highly acclaimed JV33 series has already made big inroads
into its class, one year after its successful introduction to the market. To succeed the JV3-250SP Mimaki now 
introduces the even more advanced JV33-series superwide model with a width of 2.6 m.

Superwide printer models require a secure media handling especially for heavy rolls and substrates. The new 
AMF (automatic media feeder) comes as standard on the JV33-260, thus ensuring outstandingly exact media 
tension control over the whole printing width of 2.6 m even when using roll-based substrates of up to 100 kg for 
superb print quality. In addition JV33-260 incorporates Mimaki’s print assist function for two-sided print enabling 
edgeless printing while printing on both sides of transparent substrates that can be seen without backlight in 
daylight conditions or with backlight in the dark for superb vivid prints. Operating costs can be decisively 
reduced by employing Mimaki's new bulk ink system (MBIS) another feature of the machine. JV33-260 is 
available in both solvent and water-based versions.. Especially for dye sublimation printing substantial cost 
reduction can be achieved by using the new Sb52 2 liter ink containers and MBIS. Mimaki has priced its 
newest offering competitively in order to correspond to customers¹ desire for a highly productive and cost-
efficient superwide format printer exhibiting exceptional print quality.

"In launching the 2,6 m wide JV33 model for the superwide printing market Mimaki builds upon the successful 
market entrance of its best-selling JV33 series for the large format market. We are sure that our customers will 
be able to enhance their productivity as well as experience significant cost savings with the advanced features 
on the JV33-260", says Shinichi Uehara, General Manager of SG (Sign and Graphics) business unit. "Once 
again, Mimaki has underlined its commitment by bringing innovative and top of its class technology to market."

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