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Mimaki - 4/16/2009

Mimaki Introduces 2 Liter Bulk ink Supply System (MBIS)

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd. (head office: Nagano, Japan; President: Akira Ikeda) announces the introduction 
of MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System) for its series of JV5 and JV33 large and superwide format inkjet printers. 
The new 2 liter ink supply system is available for Sb52 as well as SS21, HS and Eco-HS1 solvent inks.
Mimaki’s inks are renowned for their high print quality exhibiting excellent color consistency and image results. 
Up to now, these inks have been available in up to 440 cc cartridges. Due to increased demand for both lower 
ink prices and longer continuous print runs Mimaki has developed a bulk ink supply system accommodating 2 
liter ink packs for its solvent printer models. The 2 liter ink containers enable a saving in ink costs of up to 40 % 
in comparison to traditional 440 cc ink cartridges. The inks have the same high quality features such as ink 
emission, stability, color gamut and reliability as Mimaki’s ink cartridge system. 

The MBIS consists of either an 8-slot chassis to hold 8 flexible aluminum-packed ink containers for both JV33 
and JV5 series or a 16-slot chassis for JV5 series to be used for larger print runs. The system is connected via 
tubes to the conventional cartridge where the ink flows from the 2 liter container through the cartridge into the 
print head. An ink-end detection function is incorporated. This way simultaneously or separately the 440 cc 
cartridge for colors whose consumption is not so large as well as the bulk ink supply can be used for continuous 
and uninterrupted ink supply enabling long unattended print runs. The flexible ink containers alone are replaced 
so saving on consumable costs and providing for more environmentally friendly print operations.

Mimaki has simultaneously developed different 2 liter ink containers to be used with the bulk ink supply system. 
The newly developed Sb52 inks for sublimation printing feature higher density as well as improved color 
characteristics like the new Sb51 inks. The 2 liter ink containers are ideally suited for print service providers 
as they enhance productivity, performance and quality while retaining the highly acclaimed features associated 
with their cartridge system. In addition Mimaki has developed 2 liter bulk ink containers for its solvent inks SS21, 
HS and Eco-HS1 to be used in the JV5 and JV33 series for all kinds of applications and jobs. 

"We are happy to offer the new bulk ink system and low-cost 2-liter ink containers to our customers in order to 
enable them to stay competitive in these challenging market conditions. We believe that with these new 
products we are presenting attractive and affordable alternatives for existing and new customers", says Isao 
Tabayashi, General Manager of IM (Ink and Media) business unit.

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