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Neschen Americas - 4/16/2009

New Line of Neschen Brand and SEAL Brand Self-adhesive Vinyl

Neschen Americas’ SEAL and Neschen Brand Products are excited to announce the launch of the new 
Neschen and SEAL brand self adhesive vinyl product lines. There are three performance tiers in each line 
to fit virtually any application: Neschen SolvoPrint ProGrip, SuperGrip and MightyGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl 
Elite, Capital and Performance. The tiers are primarily distinguished by outdoor durability and vinyl grade, while 
thickness, opacity and price point are also important to consider based on project requirements.

For long-term premium performance, they have Neschen SolvoPrint ProGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Elite. 
Available in a matte finish, these 3.4 mil thick calendered polymeric vinyls features their best outdoor durability 
rating of 5-7 years. The 98% opacity level eliminates the need to use gray adhesive to block out most applied-
surface show through, while the tight dot gain and high white point provide brilliant image quality. They are 
available with either permanent or removable adhesive. SolvoPrint ProGrip and Digital Vinyl Elite are ideal for 
wraps or other long term signage applications on vertical, flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Neschen SolvoPrint SuperGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Capital are the go-to SAVs that can be counted on for a 
wide variety of projects. These 3.0 mil, calendered, semi-polymeric vinyls feature a permanent adhesive and 
outdoor durability of 4-5 years. They provide an excellent solution for general signage applications on vertical, 
flat and slightly curved surfaces. These products are available in a gloss finish.

Neschen SolvoPrint MightyGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Performance are the economy SAV solution for shorter 
term applications. These removable-permanent calendered monomeric vinyls are 3.5 mils thick and have an 
outdoor durability of 3-4 years. They utilize a new adhesive technology that allows them to be removed within 
one year from application with minimal adhesive residue if applied on a sound surface. These cost-effective 
options have a high opacity that can be applied over previously imaged surfaces without the use of a gray 
adhesive. Availible in a matte or gloss finish from both the Neschen or SEAL line, use these SAVs create vibrant 
wall graphics and general signage applications for vertical, flat, and slightly curved surfaces.

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