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Walls and Forms Inc. - 4/20/2009

Pop Up Retail Growing Fast and Walls and Forms on Cutting Edge with Pop Up Store

Walls + Forms Inc., a designer and manufacturer of modular store fixtures, sign ware, and light box systems, 
just introduced a low-cost modular pop up store.  Pop up retail is one of the hottest and fastest growing trends 
in retailing.  The system is so versatile it can create temporary stores and stores within a store and then can be 
reconfigured using existing components, as one’s needs change.  Walls + Forms has developed pop up 
concept stores with this system that include 250, 500, and 1,000 square foot configurations and all sizes are 

Modern pop up store designs from Walls + Forms demand attention, but the appearance is only the beginning.  
¾" high-density wooden walls are held in place by its patented, proven CornerForms panel connector system.  
This system allows for countless layout and sizing options to ensure the best fit in any location and space.  

The two principle benefits of the perimeter wall systems used in the pop up store are modularity and low cost.  
Each model allows for quick, clean and inexpensive installations; the perimeter merchandising defines your 
space.  No tools are needed for assembly and there are no complicated parts to worry about, thus eliminating 
assembly errors.  With minimal components, and panels that snap together in minutes, ready to install panels 
can be assembled and fully merchandised in a few hours.  Panels connect together via a channel locking 
system trademarked as CornerForms or mechanically fasten with locking hardware.  They are designed and 
manufactured to meet one’s individual merchandising, structural, and aesthetic requirements.

There are many additional benefits.  The system is quick and easy to assemble and reassemble and is flexible for 
relocation to other sites.  There is no "down time" and no construction mess or liability.  It is available pre-designed 
or in custom configurations and is tax savings-eligible for additional depreciation benefits.  

The economical pop up store features all the components needed to build an eye-catching retail store that can 
drive strong sales, even in a challenging economic environment.  They include snap-fit panel connectors, solid 
shelf or slatwall panels, wood or aluminum doorframes, and optional fitting rooms.  It has durable, commercial 
grade surfaces and all modules are “easy to assemble”.  Various accessories are available.  There are cash 
and file drawers, wire access for electrical, easily adjustable shelves, and various color options.  The pop up 
store can also include counters, floor displays, sign ware, and Lights Alive lit signage which are all available at 
Walls + Forms, and much more.

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