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Graphics One LLC - 4/22/2009

Graphics One Launches First Direct-to-Fabric Printer Under $15,000 Introducing GO RIO TX Printer

Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products to 
digital imaging professionals is launching the first Direct-to-Fabric printer under $15,000. The new GO RIO TX
direct-to-fabric printer, a high performance, highly enhanced 42-inch direct-to-fabric printer was developed 
specifically for the flag and banner market.

With the tremendous growth of companies wanting to print brilliant saturated images directly on fabrics, Graphics 
One is introducing the GO RIO TX, 42-inch direct-to-fabric printer during the International Sign Association 
Show ( ISA ), in Las Vegas. Priced at $14,995, the RIO TX has been modified to image on multiple types of 
fabric with integrated high performance ink delivery system, fabric drying system and fabric media handling 
system. Further, the RIO TX can also image on paper offering the ability to do both direct-to-fabric and paper 
transfer. Used with GO's Xtreme Ink, the printer will initially be focused on customers who need fully saturated 
polyester flags and banners. GO will be introducing a new ink later in the year for the RIO TX which will also 
image on uncoated cotton, nylon, wool and a variety of other fabrics.

According to Christian Sam, GO Marketing, "we have had many customers who are imaging the new type of 
teardrop flags ask us about a cost efficient direct-to-fabric printer using the RIO inkjet platform. We are happy 
to be able to deliver the RIO TX for the targeted flag and banner market."

GO's RIO TX comes bundled with Wasatch SoftRIP for RIO, new ink delivery system, fabric drying system and 
fabric media handling system. Graphics One also offers an optional 44-inch Sublimator for curing imaged fabrics. 
The RIO TX will start shipping May 1, 2009.

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