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EFI - 4/16/2009

EFI Announces Stimulus Package for VUTEk Superwide Printers

EFI™ (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced the 
innovative EFI Stimulus Package, financing program for its VUTEk® line of superwide printers. The EFI Stimulus 
Package helps qualified print service providers grow their businesses and protect their cash flows. The program 
provides for zero out-of-pocket costs for the first six months of ownership followed by 50% off of the normal
lease payments for the next six months on new qualifying printer purchases dramatically lowering the first full year 
cost of ownership This new program is expected to boost businesses’ abilities to expand their product portfolios 
and reach larger revenue-generating customer bases with minimal impact on cash flow for the first year of 

"In this challenging economic climate EFI is focused on finding creative financing solutions that will allow our 
customers to own the industry’s best printing solutions," said EFI president Fred Rosenzweig. "The EFI Stimulus 
Package for VUTEk superwide printers allows print businesses to position themselves ahead of the competition 
by expanding their product portfolio and customer base, all while spending less cash."

EFI’s line of award-winning VUTEk superwide printers has a reputation for speed, high productivity and 
exceptional color-quality. VUTEk’s stunning white ink capabilities open the doors to a whole new world of 
applications that drive demand by delivering jobs faster and at a higher quality than the competition. 
Companies can take advantage of all the benefits of digital printing, including the ability to customize messaging, 
print shorter runs and dramatically reduce production times with VUTEk superwide printers.

"The EFI Stimulus Package allowed us to economically acquire new VUTEk QS3200 technology that will help 
grow our business with new and more lucrative revenue opportunities without the immediate financial pay back 
pressures," said Chris Wilson, Venture Printing chairman.

The EFI Stimulus Package is currently being offered exclusively in the United States, with global finance 
programs becoming available in the near future. To take advantage of the EFI Stimulus Package, including 
zero payments for the first six months, and half-payments for the following six months, or to learn more about 
approval process and the various degrees of relief for all credit strengths, contact Todd Verebey at EFI 
Financial Services at 1-201-690-6133. To learn more about EFI VUTEk superwide printers, call 1-800-875-7117
or visit

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