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WP Digital - Polytype America Corp. - 4/13/2009

Introducing new Virtu RR50 Top-in-Class Printing Quality in Unrivalled Dimensions

One year ago, WP Digital presented its vision to a number of interested parties and customers - a new digital 
UV large format printer expected to print flexible substrates to a width of 197 inches. With the introduction at 
ISA 2009, the vision of the Virtu RR50 roll-to-roll UV printer will become a reality. An extraordinary printing width 
of 197 inches (16.4 feet) will allow new application areas to be tapped – interior and exterior advertising, for 
example, as well as the design of facades and interior spaces. Whether textiles, mesh, vinyl, adhesive films or 
PVC tarps – the Virtu RR50 will provide top-in-class printing quality in the most cost effective way. The Virtu 
RR50 is a highly efficient production machine with unique features such as excellent positioning precision due 
to the special design of the substrate transport, high output, processing of reels up to 1650 lbs in weight, 
minimal material wear during reel change, and easy integration into logistics processes as a result of the 
sophisticated reel handling concept.

WP Digital continues to introduce perfect answers to ever changing customer requirements by incorporating 
unique characteristics which make Virtu printers so appealing as efficient production machines. The Virtu large 
format digital UV printing systems have flexibility like no other and deliver Swiss printing quality in unrivalled 
dimensions. The Virtu RR35 offers top-in-class printing quality with hybrid printing up to 138 inches (11.5 feet) 
on rolls up to 1102 lbs and handling of substrates up to 3.7 inches thick and110 lbs thanks to a unique substrate 
feeding and vacuum table.

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