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Caldera - 4/9/2009

Caldera Integrates New N-Color Print Engine

Caldera Graphics, the French software editor leader in large format imaging and production workflow has 
implemented full featured N- Color management to its RIP software portfolio for Epson and Canon printers. 
The new Caldera N-Color print engine manages both orange and green inks in addition to the CMYK and 
light inks.

The new print engine enables printers to exploit the full gamut potential of their N-Color printer devices. 
With variable-size droplets management through Caldera, printers will achieve more accurate colors, 
better color gradation and resolution with all those combinations.

The Caldera RIP is Pantone licensed for accurate spot color matching and offers full support for ICC output 
profiles, thus ensuring precise color output predictability and a wider color palette.  

EasyMedia, Caldera's integrated color management, color calibration and profile making solution, is now also 
N-Color optimized.

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