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Pacific Coast Fabrics - 4/1/2009

New Swatch Book - New Website

Pacific Coast Fabrics announces the completion of the newest edition of their Digital Print Fabrics swatch book. 
Updated, with a wide range of new fabrics, the swatch book now features, printed examples as well as technical 
data of the ready to print textile line.

All of the information contained in the swatch book and more can also be found on a completely updated and 
redesigned company website

The new website contains detailed information on each fabric including suggested usage and the average
yardage per roll. Additionally, there is now an interactive "Search by Application" feature that will allow printers 
to instantly find fabrics based on specific needs.

A new company blog, called "Digital Fabrics News" can also be accessed from the website. The blog was 
designed as a place for printers to learn about new fabrics, new coatings, new applications, pricing specials, 
and industry news.

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