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Canon Solutions America - 3/25/2009

Océ Première Collection of New Media Launched to Deliver Sustainable Performance

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, has launched the Océ 
Première Collection of high quality media designed for robust performance and longevity.  The first items in the 
collection are two Presentation Papers and a Tyvek® material, which have been specifically designed to work 
with Océ CrystalPointTM imaging technology in the Océ ColorWaveTM 600 printer. 

Presentation Paper (Océ 6028 an Océ 6032)
This ultra-white (98 brightness), heavyweight media includes an exceptionally smooth surface that delivers a 
superior look and feel. It produces rich color prints for high-end proposals, presentations and short-term signage.  
Presentation Paper is recyclable, and acid and elemental chlorine free (ECF).  It is available in 28-lb (105 gsm) 
and 32-lb (120 gsm) weights and a variety of widths from 24 to 42 inches. These media can also be used in the 
Océ TDS800, Océ TDS800 Pro, Océ TCS300 and Océ TCS500 printers to produce technical line drawings.

Tyvek (Océ 6007)
The Tyvek material is bright white (97 brightness), lightweight, durable and moisture resistant.  It carries an 
ASTM Class “A” rating for flame resistance and is recyclable.  Tyvek is ideal for creating banners, maps, murals, 
signage instruction sheets, menus, trail guides and more.  This 7.5-mil media is available in a variety of widths 
from 24 to 42 inches.

Océ ColorWave 600 printer with Océ CrystalPoint color technology 
The Océ ColorWave 600 is the world’s first wide format color printer based on Océ CrystalPoint technology.  
This unique technology combines the best of toner and inkjet in one clean and sustainable system.  With a 
print speed of up to 31 seconds per E-sized (36” x 50”) sheet, the Océ ColorWave 600 printer delivers high 
quality color prints on plain and recycled media.  Prints are robust and water-fast for outdoor use making them 
ideal for a wide range of applications. 

With the Océ ColorWave 600 printer, there is no longer a significant difference between color and black & white 
output when it comes to productivity and print quality.  Color output can enable construction and engineering 
projects to move more quickly through regulatory and approval processes, cutting costs and saving time.  The 
Océ ColorWave 600 printer can also be used to produce short-term display graphics applications such as 
short-term point-of-purchase displays, courtroom graphics, event posters, architectural project presentations and 
artist impressions.

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