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Canon Solutions America - 3/23/2009

Océ Previews Posterizer Point Of Sale Signage Solution at GlobalShop 2009

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, announces the U.S. preview of its PosterizerTM 
integrated signage solution at Océ booth #5450 during GlobalShop® 2009, March 23-25, in Las Vegas, NV.  
Convincing, coordinated and innovative signage can motivate customers to spend more during every store 
visit.  Posterizer is a complete retail signage solution, including software, hardware, consumables and services, 
that makes it easy to produce point of sale (POS) signage that supports consistent branding initiatives - exactly 
when, where and how users need it. The solution was designed for both large retail merchandising departments 
and small retail chain stores. However, it can also be used by pick-and-pack distributors and other print providers 
that create signage solutions for retail partners.

The Posterizer signage solution was originally developed for two of the world’s largest retailers. Today more than 
4,000 retail outlets around the globe now rely on the Posterizer solution to create on-demand signage, shelf tags, 
labels, posters, banners, and digital displays of the highest quality.

 “In today’s challenging retail environment, those companies that can adapt quickly to shifting market conditions 
and capitalize on real-time sales opportunities will be best equipped to weather the storm,” said Sal Sheikh, Vice 
President, Marketing, Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America. “The turnkey Posterizer 
signage solution provides retailers with the most comprehensive, intuitive and cost-effective tool to create 
customized in-store retail signage that drives customer attention at the point of sale and ultimately helps organizations 
turn merchandise promotions into bottom line results.”
Significant Advantages In-Store

The Posterizer signage solution from Océ enables retailers and print providers to get marketing and merchandising 
ideas in front of customers as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As a result, companies can boost 
sales and increase profits by influencing buying behavior on the spot, drawing attention to high margin or profitable
items, and managing and moving unsold goods.

Engineered with the unique needs of retailers in mind, the Posterizer solution helps facilitate significant in-store 
advantages in four critical areas:

1.     Cost Control:  Back-office driven and highly intuitive, the Posterizer solution requires minimal on-site 
administration and no technical expertise – eliminating hidden staffing costs. Preset design templates facilitate 
cost effective in-store customization of POS signage. On-demand or on-schedule printing eliminates waste 
caused by unused signage. The print management function manages printing tasks for multiple formats and 
output devices, assuring efficient and productive use of resources.  Accurate tracking of signage usage improves 
the recovery of co-op funds for retailers.

2.     Real-time Accuracy: The Posterizer solution accommodates each organization’s unique profile, including 
company size and structure, existing IT systems and promotional strategies.  It enables retailers to design and 
generate master templates for a full range of POS signage and to automate the calculation of prices, discounts, 
rebates, conversions and special offers by easily linking to existing data bases – ensuring accurate signage
regardless of format.  Access to up-to-the minute pricing, promotions, inventory status and bar coding information 
by store assures data integrity and eliminates the need for assumptions, simplifying store-level decision making.

3.     Just-in-Time Flexibility: The Posterizer solution marries accurate back-office data with on-demand flexibility. 
With the ability to customize, print and hang POS signage within minutes at the store level, retailers can rapidly 
and cost-effectively respond to competitive opportunities and changing market conditions. Retailers also have 
the flexibility to create tailored POS signage tied to out-of-store or localized marketing efforts. Master templates 
can be easily populated with variable data, allowing for creative customization that drives localized sales 
impact while maintaining consistent messaging enterprise-wide.

4.     Brand Management: POS templates generated by the Posterizer solution incorporate pre-determined 
design standards, logos and trademarks, images and illustrations, colors and fonts, helping retailers preserve 
brand identity across multiple stores and in multiple sign formats. These master templates are linked directly to 
company databases and catalogs, securing brand identity and data integrity. 

A Truly Integrated Retail Signage Solution             

Océ’s consultative services enable users to establish key goals and build a comprehensive integration plan to 
facilitate implementation. This includes recommending appropriate software modules, suitable printers for perfect 
signage and the best use of printing supplies. Staff are trained to use the software to its fullest capability, ensuring 
the solution is fully optimized. Ongoing training and consultation – including national warehousing and distribution 
of media, toners and inks, on-site training and software help desk support – keeps the solution running and drives 
maximum ROI. 

Océ printers range from small color laser printers for shelf tags and end cap signage to the latest technology in 
large format poster printers so retailers and print providers can realize fast on-demand signage results without 
sacrificing quality or reliability. Additionally, organizations can produce environmentally friendly signage printed 
on recycled materials by sustainability-secure Océ systems. The Posterizer solution is ideally suited for use with 
the new Océ ColorWave™ 600 printer – a fast, cost effective, easy-to-use large format production color printer
that enables mass market retailers to rapidly produce high quality color signage to optimize sales opportunities – 
or the Océ CS2224 printer – an economical option for lower volume retail environments looking to cut costs by 
producing color signage in-house.

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