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Epson - 3/17/2009

Epson Introduces GS Canvas Gloss Media for Fine Art Solvent Printing

Epson America today announced its new Epson GS Canvas Gloss paper, specifically designed for use with the 
Epson Stylus® Pro GS6000 printer with UltraChrome® GS ink. Delivering unmatched resolution and saturation 
characteristics for fine art reproduction and high volume décor output applications, the GS Canvas Gloss paper 
provides advanced image quality and a new medium for artistic expression, to inspire and enhance the creative 

“The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 and GS Canvas Gloss provide the ideal combination for the fine art reproduction 
and decor markets, producing incredible images with a large gamut for exceptional colors and industry leading 
Dmax for deep, dark blacks – results that exceed the needs of this demanding market segment,” said Jeff Smith, 
product marketing manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America. “Designed for increased production speeds, 
the GS Canvas Gloss is durable, heavyweight and stretchable, making it the most versatile product available in 
the market today.” 

The new GS Canvas Gloss media is designed to meet the needs of higher volume production applications of 
the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer and provides art reproduction houses the highest image quality at 
production speeds, while delivering unmatched resolution and saturation. In addition, the GS Canvas Gloss 
and Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 provide a solvent printing solution that eliminates the need for additional varnish 
applications or finishing of the prints. For Al Marco, fine art publisher, atelier and owner of Marco Fine Arts, Inc., 
the combination of the GS Canvas Gloss and Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 has dramatically impacted his printing 
business, including his work with Michael Godard, master contemporary and photo realistic artist.

“In the art market, I am always looking for the most advanced, top-notch quality,” said Marco. “Combined with 
the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 and UltraChrome GS ink, the GS Canvas Gloss gives me deeper blacks and more 
vibrant colors, even at high-volume production speeds, as well as the luxury of not having to use a varnish or 
coating that could crack in a matter of years.” 

The GS Canvas Gloss is a stretchable, polyester/cotton blend canvas that provides a consistent and smooth 
glossy printing surface that allows for a wide color gamut and deep rich blacks, while still offering the traditional 
look and feel of artist canvas. 

“Next to the original painting that I pour my heart and soul into, the most important thing to me is the reproduction 
of a print, because it is a reflection of me,” said Godard. “Epson has hit the mark with their fine art solvent 
solutions – the blacks and colors are so rich, even on a gallery print where you can see the difference. The 
combination of what the printer and paper can do is very exciting as an artist, because it can sometimes even 
look better than the original.”

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