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Canon Solutions America - 3/15/2009

Océ Arizona 350 GT Printer Achieves 4.5 Star BERTL Outstanding Product Rating

Océ, an international leader in digital document management, has received a 4.5 star Outstanding BERTL® 
evaluation for the Océ Arizona® 350 GT UV curable, flatbed printer. The BERTL 4.5 star outstanding certification 
further acknowledges the worldwide success of Océ’s innovative power in product and technology development.  

Outstanding 4.5 Star BERTL rating
After rigorous testing and evaluation, BERTL has recognized the revolutionary engineering of the Océ Arizona 
350 GT printer and its Océ VariaDotTM imaging technology with a 4.5 star Outstanding product rating. 
According to BERTL, the 4.5 star rating is strictly reserved for those devices that deliver a range of business-
critical features and functions that are above average and provide potential buyers with a good return on 
investment. The BERTL report specifically cites the versatile way the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer can apply 
white ink (over, under, in-between and as a spot color); its ability to print on roll media while staging the next 
rigid print job; the approximately 40% increase in print speed over previous models; and the very quick return 
on investment time, which BERTL estimates to be less than two months.

“We are honored that the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer has received this prestigious award,” said Gido van Praag, 
President and CEO of Océ Display Graphics Systems in Vancouver, Canada. “Each elegantly-designed printer 
is precision-engineered to meet our high standards. The quality and innovation acknowledged by BERTL is the 
continuation of an award-winning legacy that began with the original Océ Arizona 250 GT printer. This product 
line was designed to provide media flexibility, enhanced productivity, investment protection and a lower total 
cost of completing most applications – a total package that provides breakthrough performance not available 
anywhere else.”

About the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer combines a true flatbed design with a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll system. 
It can print onto rigid media up to 49 inches wide by 98 inches long by 1.89 inches thick. With the Roll Media 
Option installed, users can print onto flexible media up to 87 inches wide.

The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer uses four-color (CMYK) inks and offers a White Ink Option to expand 
applications options to non-white surfaces. The White Ink Option enables under-printing for non-white media 
or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and/or printing white as a spot color. 
Under-printing white ink provides a base for non-white surfaces upon which color can be added, giving users 
the ability to expand their range of offerings to include specialty applications. Over-printing white ink provides 
a diffusion layer for backlit applications that will be viewed from the unprinted side, enabling users to produce 
high quality backlit images for point-of-purchase applications. The ability to also print white ink as a spot color 
enables white features of images to be highlighted for greater effect. Day-night panels – which can be viewed 
either front-lit or backlit – can also be created by printing color data on two separate layers with a white diffusing 
layer in the middle.

The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer is part of the popular and award-winning Océ Arizona Series of UV curable, 
flatbed printers. All models include Océ VariaDot imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality, 
and all share the same robust architecture and deliberate design that offer the Océ values of quality, reliability,
productivity and user-friendliness.

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