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Signage Foundation, Inc. - 3/12/2009

Signage Foundation Announces National Signage Research and Education Conference

Sign manufacturers, end users, educators, planners and regulators will converge on Cincinnati October 13-15 
for the first National Signage Research and Education Conference sponsored by The Signage Foundaton, Inc. 
(SFI), in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business and College of Design, Architecture, 
Art and Planning.

The conference will be held at the Kingsgate Marriott adjacent to the University of Cincinnati campus and offer 
three days of topical presentations, studio projects and breakout sessions on the theme:  “Innovative 
Collaborations for Signage Management in the Visual Environment.”

Those invited to participate include sign makers and their suppliers, on-premise signage end-users, marketing 
and communication agency representatives, government policy makers and influencers, planners and planning 
consultants, educational institutions and  signage associations.

Conference presentations include:
- “Emerging Innovation in Signage Regulation:  Model Sign Code Presentation,” Prof. Alan Weinstein, Associate 
Professor of Law and Urban Studies, Cleveland State University; and David Hartt, president, D.B. Hartt, Inc. 
- “The SFI—University of Cincinnati Collaboration: Vision for the Nation’s First Center for Signage,” Jim Weinel, 
Gemini, Inc.; Dr. Robert Probst, dean, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning; Dr. Will McIntosh, 
dean, College of Business
- “Signage as Marketing Communications,” Dr. James Kellaris, James Womak/Gemini Chair of Signage and 
Visual Marketing, University of Cincinnati
- “Emerging Trends in User/Neuorscience Research,”  3M  Commercial Graphics Division
-  “Studio Project Integrating Model Sign Code,” Menelaos Triantafillou, associate professor, School of Planning, 
University of Cincinnati and graduate students

SFI, founded in 2002,  is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the educational, philanthropic 
purposes of on-premise signage through research and collaborative activity.  Governed by a board of directors 
representing individuals and organizations that believe in the value and strategic importance of on-premise 
signage.  its purpose is to promote intelligent and productive use of on-premise signage and storefronts to 
benefit every sector of the economy.  

To this end, SFI works to educate the public and regulators about the social, economic and aesthetic value of 
signage, while emphasizing how to maximize its communication effectiveness.  The foundation focuses on 
providing education to sign manufacturers, sign users and those who interact with sign users—including end 
users, communications agencies, planners, regulators and others.

In pursuit of its goals, SFI builds relationships with end users, academic institutions and governmental agencies 
to develop and enunciate public policy for on-premise signage.  To provide sound underpinings for public policy, 
SFI develops and supports research concerning its social, economic and aesthetic benefits.

In 2007, the James S. Womak/Gemini Chair of Signage and Visual Communication was established in the 
College of Business at the University of Cincinatti. In January, 2009, the Terence M. Fruth/Gemini Chair of 
Signage Design and Community planning was established in the University’s College of Design, Architecture, 
Art and Planning.  Both of these chairs were made possible through the generosity of James and Sharon Weinel, 
Gemini, Inc.

SFI has embraced the Weinel’s vision of aligning with a world-class university to establish a national training 
and research center for signage.  Throughout 2008, collaborations between SFI and the University of Cincinnati 
have affirmed the significance of a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and promoting the value of 
on-premise signage.

The fee for the conference is $225 for early registration, $295 for general registration and $50 for students.    
For registration,  contact patty@signage  Housing arrangments may be made on line or by
phone—, Group Code SFCSFCA; or 1-888-720-1299, ask for Signage Foundation 
Conference Rooms or Code SFC.

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