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Durst Image Technology US LLC - 3/9/2009

Jumbo Roll un-and up-winders for Rho 350/351R & Rho 320R

Durst has developped together with partners special un- and upwinders for Jumbo rolls up to rol diameters of 
110 cm (43“) and up to 750 kg (per roll) to be used in conjunction with the roll to roll inkjet-printers Rho 160R/
Rho350/351R and Rho 320R. As to customer’s wish systems are available for one or two rolls. Three of these 
winding units have been delivered and are satisfactorily in use for months in The Netherlands (wallpaper 
printing) and Germany (polyester film printing).

The winding and unwinding speed can be adjusted accordingly to the printing modes of the Rho between 
0,9-1,6 m/min (35,3”–62,8”/min); they guarantee a teleskop-free winding , have 76 mm (approx 3”) pneumatic 
steel cores and a walkway between winder/unwinder and printing unit for inspection. The winders/unwinders 
are separately supplied with electricity, their sensoric system(tension control, stop etc.) is coupled to that of the 
Rho whose software is adapted for this function.

According to the Durst concept realized in their Rho–R-t-R inkjet printers rolls of different diameter (in case of 
dual rolls) can be printed with different images.

The Jumbo roll device allows continuous, unattended printing for 6-8 hours in an industrial environment.

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