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EFI - 3/6/2009

EFI’s VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r Revolutionize Superwide Printing

EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today introduced two new 
members of its award-winning VUTEk® family of industry-leading superwide format UV printers, a 3.2-meter
hybrid VUTEk GS3200 with eye-popping image quality and incredible speeds up to 2400 square feet (223 
square meters) per hour, and a 5-meter roll-to-roll VUTEk GS5000r, uniquely combining enhanced Point-of-
Purchase (POP) quality capability with stunning billboard production speeds up to 3100 square feet (288 
square meters) per hour.

“For 20 years, VUTEk has been the leader in superwide format digital inkjet printers, and the new VUTEk 
GS3200 and GS5000r superwide UV printers represent unprecedented industry leading capabilities in speed, 
print quality  and value,” said Chuck Dourlet, vice president of marketing EFI VUTEk. “The GS3200 revolutionizes 
superwide format printing with superior photorealistic image quality at speeds previously unattainable from a 
superwide UV digital printer. The GS5000r redefines the 5-meter roll-to-roll segment, providing exceptional 
POP-quality graphics and billboard speed, without compromise. These new VUTEk GS family printers extend 
the range of applications that can be produced with superwide format and enable our customers to be more 
competitive as they further differentiate themselves. In this economic landscape, businesses are looking for 
new opportunities, and EFI continues to provide the tools that help our customers profitably expand into new 
premium-margin markets that will grow their businesses.”

EFI’s VUTEk GS3200 – Photorealistic Quality and Revolutionary Speed without Compromise
Photorealistic Quality:
The GS3200 delivers category-defining, photorealistic quality and expands the reach of superwide printing into 
new industries and applications. VUTEk’s Dual Resolution Capability enables true 600 dpi and true 1000 dpi 
output with selectable 24pl or 12pl drop sizes. The GS3200 is ideal for beautiful fine art replication, detailed 
photography, and stunning high-definition POP displays, as well as traditional 3.2 meter banner and signage 
applications. Reach higher profit margins and set new quality standards with the GS3200. 

Revolutionary Productivity:
The GS3200 produces eye-catching, photorealistic graphics in 8-color (plus white) mode at speeds up to 1200 
feet (111.5 meters) per hour. In its exclusive, 4-color plus white, Fast-5 mode, with incredible speeds up to 
2400 square feet (223 square meters) per hour, the GS3200 easily competes with high-volume commercial 
production printers. With such impressive throughput, same day Order-to-Delivery is a reality. Unlike wide-
format printers that sacrifice speed for high-quality imagery, or grand-format printers that compromise quality to 
deliver speed, the GS3200 delivers exceptional photographic quality at high-production speeds, with zero 

Uncompromised Versatility:
The GS3200 hybrid UV printer exemplifies flexible, versatile production with its unmatched ability to transition 
from rigid to roll-to-roll under one minute, and its capacity to print on a broad range of substrates. It delivers true, 
in-line, three-layer white-printing capability, allowing access to a whole new range of creative, high-value 
applications. This multifaceted printer is the perfect replacement for a wide range of wide-format and superwide 
printers in one shop, and has a much smaller footprint. With easy switching from 8-color (plus white) to Fast-5 
color mode, increased media handling capabilities, and Dual Resolution (600 or 1000 dpi selectable), the 
GS3200 is perfect for long runs or short runs in high quality and high speeds, offering the highest return on 
investment (ROI) in the industry.

EFI’s VUTEK GS5000r – Unparalleled Quality and Speed that Redefines Productivity 
POP Quality:
The GS5000r is a game-changing 5-meter printer with VUTEk Dual Resolution Capability enabling true 600 dpi 
and true 1000 dpi output with selectable 24pl or 12pl drop sizes. The GS5000r enables EFI’s customers to 
differentiate on quality, beat the competition and expand profitability by tapping into those premium-margin 
applications that demand POP-quality graphics. With 1000 dpi, 8-color printing, the GS5000r produces 
phenomenal backlit and display graphics with amazing image detail and crisp four-point text in addition to 
applications such as billboards and building wraps that you would expect from a 5-meter printer. 

Billboard Productivity:
The GS5000r prints an extensive range of high-quality applications in 8-color mode at speeds of 1600 square 
feet (148.6 square meters) per hour, and also produces billboard and signage-quality four-color graphics at 
3100 square feet (288 square meters) per hour in Fast-4™ mode. With unparalleled quick-turn capability that 
reduces inventory, increases customer satisfaction by eliminating lengthy lead-times, and accommodates 
last-minute changes, the GS5000r meets the needs of every business. Unlike traditional, low-resolution, 
5-meter printers that focus only on speed, the GS5000r offers high-quality modes that address POP and 
display markets without compromising the speeds necessary for traditional billboard markets.
One-of-a-Kind Versatility:
The GS5000r was specifically designed for mid- to high-volume print service providers and commercial printers 
who want to grow their businesses and differentiate themselves from the competition by extending their range 
of applications and capabilities. This is the only 5-meter printer that not only meets the speed requirements to 
produce high-quality billboards, building wraps and large banners, but also the precision output necessary for 
POP, exhibition and display graphics. Dual Resolution modes, eight-color to Fast-4™ switchable, and media 
handling that can accommodate a single 5-meter roll or 3-up 60-inch (153.5 cm) rolls are some of the features 
that extend the versatility of the GS5000r beyond that of typical 5-meter printers. The comprehensive abilities 
of the GS5000r go beyond the printer itself. The printer is optimized by EFI’s industry-leading solutions that include 
seventh-generation VUTEk UV inks that adhere to a wide range of flexible substrates, including Tyvek, 
polybanner and textiles, EFI’s powerful Fiery® XF RIP and the Enhanced Service Program (ESP), EFI’s 
industry-leading warranty and service plan.

“The VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r will be available for demonstrations at industry tradeshows and in our 
corporate demo centers.” added Dourlet. “We are very proud of these revolutionary products, and we look 
forward to showing them to current and prospective customers.”

EFI’s VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r are available for order now and will be shipping in the second quarter.

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