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Durst Image Technology US LLC - 3/2/2009

Recession Doesn’t Slow Installs Of Durst’s Award-Winning Rho 320R 126" Large-Format UV Inkjet Printer

Last October, about the time the economy was settling into a recession, the 126”-wide Durst Rho 320R Large-
Format UV Inkjet Roll Printer was making its North American debut at the SGIA trade show in Atlanta – where it 
was chosen as the Digital Printing & Imaging Association’s “Product of the Year.”

As Durst prepares to exhibit its Rho 320R at the International Sign Association’s Sign Expo, April 15-19 in Las 
Vegas, the company’s latest printing platform is enjoying a warm reception in the U.S., with installs at some of 
the nation’s top commercial imagers.  Respected companies like Rainier Industries in Washington, Meisel in 
Texas, Astek Wallcoverings in California and a number of others are now operating the Rho 320R, Durst said, 
with more installs upcoming.

“Up here in the Pacific Northwest, it means a lot to be able to say you’ve adopted ‘green’ operating procedures,” 
Display Division Manager Charlie Reub says.  “The Rho 320R is a UV-curable printer, which is a plus, and its 
inks are VOC-free.  It can print on recycled and recyclable media.  And it’s very durable and efficient in its 
operation.  These aren’t just good ideas, they’re strong selling points when we talk to clients.”

Clients also demand images that meet or exceed their requirements, and Reub says the Rho 320R delivers.  
“We print on a lot of vinyl and canvas, and some other media, and the print quality is always excellent,” he says, 
“even in two-pass mode, which makes us very efficient and productive.  The colors we get out of the 320R 
are brilliant – better than anything we’ve seen on any other production printer.  And we knew from our other 
Durst printers that we were buying a reliable, well-built printer.”

“We’re extremely pleased with the response the Rho 320R has received since we brought it to this market just 
five months ago,” said Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Durst U.S.  “The 
industry has found out that what we said was true:  The Rho 320R offers unprecedented image quality, 
productivity, versatility and workflow benefits – with a remarkably low impact on the environment.

“It’s helping our customers overcome recessionary pressures by helping them become the highly responsive, 
high-efficiency ‘vendor of choice’ for clients who are requiring more because of the pressures they face,” 
Howard added.  “As DPI’s ‘Product of the Year’ award should make clear, the Rho 320R represents the new 
quality standard in large-format commercial roll-to-roll printing.”

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