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Canon Solutions America - 2/23/2009

Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Solutions Streamline Display Graphics Workflow from Prepress through Finishing

Océ expands its display graphics offering with a complete digital system that streamlines the workflow – from 
prepress to finishing – of rigid and flexible display graphics media. The new Océ ProCutTM digital cutting solutions 
include a range of Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting operations, Océ ProCut Software 
for preparing the cut data in a seamless workflow, and expert pre- and post-installation service & support. This 
complete system reduces labor and materials costs in the finishing stage while enabling customers to maintain 
high productivity levels and increase profit margins. It also opens the door to new business opportunities as 
customers can offer a wider range of services to their clients. 

The new challenges for digital print providers
Large format digital printing systems for graphics applications have increased in speed, quality and versatility. 
Many have the added ability to print on both rigid and flexible materials. The overwhelming majority of digital 
graphics prints require trimming or contour-cutting once printing is complete. Manual cutting takes time and 
inevitably generates errors resulting in costly reprints, material waste and missed deadlines. Trimming thick 
media and manually cutting contour prints are particularly vulnerable to this low productivity / high labor cost 
risk. Unusual shapes often result in excess media waste. Pre-cut media can be a time-saver on the finishing 
end, but is expensive and difficult to manage. Finishing is often the bottleneck in a display graphics digital printing 

Océ ProCut digital cutting solutions are automated finishing systems that can be used to optimize basic trimming 
tasks for rigid substrates such as hard and soft foam board, plastic material, acrylic and styrene, and flexible 
media including paper, film, vinyl and fabric. They can also be used to finish more complex jobs such as 
contour-cut point-of-purchase displays, production-quantity decals, and structural projects.

Robust Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables
At the center of Océ ProCut digital cutting solutions are Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables, designed and 
manufactured for Océ in Switzerland by Zünd. This new generation of cutters was recently optimized to offer
extreme robustness, vibration-free performance and low-maintenance.

Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables offer an ideal solution to all finishing needs including trimming and contour-
cutting, through-cutting, kiss-cutting, routing and creasing. The tables are suitable for roll media, sheets or rigid 
substrates up to 1.97 inches thick.  Customers can choose from a variety of medium, large or extra large tables I
n the following sizes:
	Model	Working Area
	Océ ProCut 2500 M	52.36” x 98.42”
	Océ ProCut 2500 L	70.86” x 98.42”
	Océ ProCut 3200 L	70.86” x 125.98”
	Océ ProCut 3200 XL	86.61” x 125.98”

A modular tool system enables the operator to mount up to three tools at the same time to suit the needs of any 
job. For simple jobs, cut speeds can be maximized by removing nonessential tools – and excess weight – from 
the carriage. For complex jobs, e.g. those requiring through-cutting and kiss-cutting, the ability to mount up to 
three tools saves time by eliminating the need to stop the cutting process in order to manually mount another 
tool. Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables are built with quality and longevity in mind. They feature an aluminum-
composite table top, an innovative self-adjustable vacuum system and advanced industrial dust protection.  

Exclusive Océ ProCut Software for optimal workflow
Unique Oce ProCut Software is included to prepare the files for cutting. The Océ ProCut Prepress module 
enables quick and easy preparation of registration marks, barcodes and tool assignment. With a few simple 
mouse-clicks, the cut data is generated, saving hours in the prepress stage. With the Océ ProCut Prepress 
module it is also very simple to scale or tile a job before cutting. The Océ ProCut Nesting module gives users 
the ability to quickly and easily nest images based on their actual shape or nest multiple jobs on the same 
media. It trims media consumption and printing times and virtually eliminates the need for pre-cut media.  

Specialized vision software is included that compares the cut data to the position of the registration marks on 
the print and drives the cutter along the cut path with 100% accuracy. It also compensates for image or 
material distortion such as shrinking or stretching.  

 Océ ProCut Software offers innovative user-friendly features including an interactive graphical user interface, 
an intuitive editor for vector manipulation, an editable media library and backside-cutting functions. These 
features reduce operator training time and increase overall productivity as they help remove guesswork from the 
cutter’s operation.

Four simple steps from artwork to finished job
Océ ProCut digital cutting solutions stand alone by offering a single, fully integrated workflow. The system 
guides users through the prepress, printing, and finishing steps, regardless of the job, printer or RIP. 

Step 1:  Cut data preparation
Cut data preparation is accomplished in the easy-to-use Océ ProCut Prepress module:  simply drop PDF or EPS 
artwork in the Océ ProCut hot folder. The job is immediately displayed in the Océ ProCut job queue.  In a matter 
of seconds, the operator can identify all paths within the artwork and can freely assign each path to the relevant 
cutting "layers" such as through-cutting or creasing. With two more clicks, the operator can add registration 
marks and a barcode. The software then automatically generates a print file – sent to the printer complete with 
registration marks and a barcode – and a separate cut file stored on the network. The data are now ready to 
print and cut.

Step 2:  Intelligent nesting 
Nesting helps reduce media waste. Océ ProCut Software nests by actual shape rather than the PostScript® 
bounding box, and rotates the shapes as needed to fit as many as possible on a given media. To use the Océ 
ProCut Nesting module, the operator simply sends the job(s) to the nesting queue and specifies the number of 
copies.  Océ ProCut Software automatically and intelligently performs the nesting. When nesting is complete, 
the operator adds registration marks and a barcode, and the data are ready to print and cut. 

Step 3: RIP and print
The print file generated by Océ ProCut Software can be processed through RIP packages such as ONYX® 
ProductionHouse™ V7, then sent to a printer such as the Océ Arizona® 350 GT UV flatbed printer. The 
registration marks and the barcode – generated by Océ ProCut Software  – will also be printed onto the 
substrate. The completed print is ready for cutting.

Step 4: Automated cutting 
At cutting time, the operator simply places the print on the Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Table and scans the 
barcode. The vision software automatically retrieves the correct cut data from the network and – using an 
on-board camera – compares the position of the registration marks in the data to those on the printed job. 
Once the system has analyzed the exact image position, it starts cutting.  Sophisticated optical registration 
capabilities ensure perfect accuracy for any size or shape. The finished, cut pieces are ready for delivery with 
minimal operator intervention, 100% accuracy and reduced turnaround time.

Reduce costs and improve quality
Océ ProCut digital cutting solutions can significantly reduce labor costs compared to manual cutting because 
only one operator is required to run the highly productive automated cutter. Material costs can be reduced by 
eliminating job re-runs due to human error. In addition, advanced nesting capabilities enable the use of less-costly, 
large standard boards that can be cut in-house rather than using expensive, pre-cut materials or outsourcing the 
job.Customers can confidently offer their clients consistent, high quality finished graphics and reduced turnaround 
times. Cutting is always 100% accurate, and the system compensates for any material distortion that may occur 
during printing. 

Add new business
Customers can expand their businesses by offering premium-priced, contour-cutting jobs and production kiss-
cutting jobs for creating mass-produced decals. With the routing capability, customers can also finish jobs on 
materials they wouldn’t consider cutting by hand such as DIBOND® or acrylic. Structural projects, such as 
self-standing displays or packaging prototypes, are other possible applications for opening up new markets.

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