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Estimator Corporation - 2/18/2009

Estimator Introduces Wide-Format V8, Industry Specific Estimating Solution

Estimator Corp, a leading supplier of estimating and management software to the printing industry, announces 
its industry designed revolutionary Wide-Format estimating solution. Recognizing the specialized needs of the
wide format printer, Estimator Corp with the help of industry wide-format specialists, has created the most 
advanced low-cost intuitive and easy to use estimating solution.

Wide format printers can now automatically employ their standards: square foot pricing to a variety of inputs 
including material cost, ink coverage, print charges, and the exclusive LFR, Linear Foot Rate charge which 
captures the cost of the print head traversing the entire machine length. Other exclusive features include 
printing from rolls and sheet stock with a single selection, and a feature that automatically optimizes the number 
of units printable on a specified roll width or sheet size.

Estimator completely re-engineered its established solutions to meet the growing use of the Wide-Format market.
Estimator’s new High Speed V8 is fully compatible with XP and previous Windows programs. Dozens of new 
features and functionality all with available networking, makes it today’s best choice with its unique design 
that makes Estimator the Fastest, Easiest Single-Screen, Mistake Proof, Intelligent, High-Speed... Print-
Estimating...available anywhere, set up and running in the client’s plant.   

Including the new Wide-Format, Estimator offers 5 moderate-price estimating solutions for companies of different 
sizes;  all include fast setup and installation in the client’s plant. 

Estimator’s easy-to-use low-cost solutions enable established shops to verify its speed and ease of use, as a 
stand alone, or in conjunction with existing management software. Estimator provides printers a ready solution 
that delivers an e-mail-able Quote, Job-Ticket, Stock & Services PO, Shipping Labels, Invoice and Job 
Scheduling & Tracking Reports, all in an error-free, single screen environment. 

To celebrate the release of Estimator Wide Format the company is offering a special introductory price of 
$950 which is a savings of $500 over the standard pricing. All Estimator versions include annual releases, 
updates and full live maintenance. Interested parties may download the full trial version. (Not a demo) at and test, just follow the simple install directions.

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