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Neschen Americas - 2/17/2009

Neschen Americas Launches Super A Inventory Classification

SEAL and Neschen Brand Products announces a new, customer focused inventory classification system 
called “Super A”. Along with the recent additions of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and extended 
service hours, this new program strengthens their ongoing commitment to providing superior customer service.

The Super A group consists of many of the most popular SEAL and Neschen brand laminates and mounting 
adhesives. These are staple products that customers count on for daily business operation. This new program 
guarantees these items will be in stock, 100% of the time, or they are FREE. This allows a shop to quote jobs 
with confidence, knowing that they will be able to deliver a quality job on time.

During these tough economic times printing and finishing jobs are at a premium. Customers must rely on their 
suppliers to provide reliable products and on-time delivery. The Neschen Americas Super A program delivers 
that and arms customers with the Neschen and SEAL brand products needed to get the job done.

Ken Ferrigno, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, says, "This inventory classification system is designed to 
streamline the ordering process by clarifying consumer expectation and instilling confidence that a product 
will be on the shelf when it is needed. Our goal is to give our customers a competitive edge over the competition."

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