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Graphics One LLC - 1/27/2009

Graphics One Launches New GO Xtreme Dye Sub Inks

Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products to 
digital imaging professionals is launching it’s new GO Xtreme Dye Sub Inks, a world class dye sublimation ink 
that features Xtreme Color, Xtreme Eco, Xtreme Dots. The following seven reasons differentiate Xtreme inks 
from other dye sub inks:

Xtreme Color--Outstanding Color Gamut including blacker blacks--Xtreme uses the finest dyes and pigments 
available and is manufactured using the world's leading traditional textile dye providers. True blacks, brilliant 
colors, vivid dense images is the trademark of this ink. This black ink is the same as the one used for high end 
textile printing.

Xtreme Eco--Meets APEO-free and Oeko-tex® Organization adherence--Xtreme is one of the few dye sub inks 
which is APEOfree and also adheres to the Okeo-Tex standards for apparel printing. Many apparel manufacturers 
are now specifying all apparel must be APEO-free and meet Okeo-Tex standards. Both of these standards are 
becoming a requirement in traditional textile printing and will soon transition to dye sub inks. Xtreme meets these 
standards today.

Xtreme Dots--Detailed imaging--Xtreme ink uses the finest dyes, pigments, colorants, binders and carriers, which
provide outstanding dot gain control. Xtreme ink provides incredibly defined, clear imaging, not offered by other 

Only vertical ink manufacturer --Xtreme is one of the few dye sub inks in the market in which all the ink's 
components-such as dyes, pigments, colorants, binders and carriers-come from the same source. Being totally 
integrated like this, allows us to specify the finest components, including dyes and pigments which provide a 
better quality, larger color gamut product. The dyes and pigments being used in Xtreme are also being used in 
traditional textile printing making this ink one of the most stable ever produced.

Nano-scale particles for runnability--Xtreme does not clog printheads due to using nano-scale particles. As one 
of the first manufacturers to use nano-scale technology, printhead clogging is non-existent.

Supports varied applications--Not only is Xtreme great for fabrics and apparel printing, Xtreme also provides the 
finest details and vivid color on many other types of materials including rigids and offer flexible materials.

According to Juan Carlos Clavijo, GO Product Manager. "We are very excited with what the GO Xtreme dye 
sub inks can offer, it has indeed created a revolution and the wide range of opportunites it brings to the market. 
GO Xtreme inks offer a new level of dye sublimation printing with superior vibrant colors with true blacks which is 
hard to achieve in most dye sub inks. GO Xtreme inks is also one of the first environmentally friendly dye sub inks 
which meets and exceeds the Okeo-Tex standards for apparel printing, and is APEOfree."

GO Xtreme inks offers an industry leading lightfastness and an extended color gamut that is optimized for various
types of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, nylon and silk for applications such as interior decorations, retail 
signage, POP displays, trade show graphics, banners, flags, sportswear, apparel, casino tables, automotive 
seat covers, cinematic costumes, 3-D dye sublimation and many other business opportunities.

GO’s Xtreme Dye Sub Inks is priced at $300 for the 2 liter bottles and $60 for the 220 ml cassettes. Xtreme dye 
sub inks is available for shipment beginning in January, 2009

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