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Teckwin - 1/21/2009

Teckwin Releases TeckStorm Roll to Roll

Teckwin International introduces the TeckStorm R, the UV flatbed with roll to roll function, for more flexible 
applications. The new roll to roll option provides the TeckStorm with new functions:

Printing on both rigid and flexible media with the highest resolution; 
Continuous printing on flexible media; 
Stable and secured media feeding and takeup system;
Accurate double sided printing available;
Easy rigid / flexi material shift.
Easy media loading & unloading for the operator

Equipped with Xaar Omnidot 760 printheads that deliver variable drop sizes from 7 pl to 40 pl, the TeckStorm R 
produces a photographic image. White ink for solid backgrounds and covering enables printing of bright, vibrant 
colors even on transparent and darkly colored media.

The unequal media movement that is often found on Hybrid and Combo printers is eliminated.  The new roll to roll 
device fixed on the front of the printer stabilizes the continuous media feeding and takeup.  The flatbed vacuum 
ensures that rigid material is stable during printing. High quality printing of both rigid and flexible media is achieved, 
and the roll to roll function expands the number of applications that professional flatbed printers can now reach.

Key Features

Flatbed with Roll to Roll. Achieve high printing quality on both rigid and roll media; eliminate the unequal media 
movement that is often found on Hybrid and Combo printers.

Greyscale Printhead Technology.  Xaar 760 greyscale printheads with variable drop size provide smooth gradation 
and precise dot size control producing a sharpness only seen before at a resolution of 1440 dpi or higher.  
Drops vary from 7 pl.

Various options to meet industry needs.  White ink for background and covering enables printing of bright, 
vibrant colors even on transparent and darkly colored media. Optional: 6C; 6C+White; 4C+White+Vanish.

Double sided printing. Reliable feeding and takeup system, LED on print table and specially designed software 
makes double sided printing available;

Support for Wide Range of Media. To accommodate a wide range of media, the printer is designed to accept
media thicknesses up to 1.96 inches (50mm). Teckwin UV curable inks offer a wide range of media printing, 
including flexible media (canvas, textile, banner, vinyl, wall paper etc.) and rigid materials (glass, ceramic, timber, 
acrylic, aluminum, steel, and more).

Environmentally Friendly And Energy Saving Features. The hood minimizes odor, ozone emission and dust 
particles.  The vacuum that holds the media in place automatically adjusts suction depending on the thickness 
of the media.  This saves energy when using light-weight media.

Reliable Ink Supply System.  Stirrers in the main ink tanks are designed to eliminate pigment sedimentation.  
The white ink uses a  recirculating system to eliminate pigment sedimentation.  A degassing system helps remove 
air from the ink lines.  In addition, a sensor monitors the ink levels and an alarm alerts the user to low ink levels.

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