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Neschen Americas - 1/14/2009

Neschen Launches New Earth-Friendly ProNature Program

Neschen brand proudly announces the launch of ProNature. This environmentally conscious program spotlights 
the company’s long history of developing and offering display graphic options produced utilizing the most 
environmentally friendly methods possible.

ProNature is based on Neschen’s long standing history of environmentally friendly practices. Long before the 
advent of the "green" movement they employed common-sense business practices that were closely aligned 
with the founders’ conservationist ideals - including energy efficiency, product recycling and utilization of 
renewable resources whenever possible. These methods are the Neschen way, and are the basis of our 
environmental awareness.

As a result, the bulk of Neschen innovation is dedicated to developing and marketing products that are made 
and can be disposed of in eco friendly ways. These products must also meet the company’s rigorous standards 
for quality and performance. A few examples are the SolvoTex Cotton Premium Light S and SolvoTex Cotton
Premium Heavy S print media, whose primary component is a 100% natural and renewable resource that is also 
biodegradable. Neschen water based adhesives performance equals that of their solvent based counterparts - 
including carrier-free gudy® eco, the 100% environmentally degradable and recyclable mounting adhesive.

"Neschen has always seen the benefits of being a conservationist organization and have always utilized those 
ideals in our business and manufacturing processes," says Angela Mohni, VP of Marketing. "It is the responsible 
thing to do and it simply makes good business sense. As we move into the future, the initiatives encompassed 
by the ProNature program will continue to play a fundamental role in the decisions we make and in the products 
that we manufacture and market."

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