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Gerber Innovations - 1/8/2009

Gerber Introduces the New Solara ionV Inkjet Printer

Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. has announced their latest offering in the wide-format UV inkjet printer 
marketplace - the Gerber Solara ionV. The Gerber Solara ionV offers most of the benefits of the Gerber 
Solara ionX in a significantly more affordable package. Capitalizing on the tremendous success of Gerber’s 
innovative UV inkjet printing technology that utilizes GerberCAT cationic UV inks and Gerber’s patent-pending 
Cold Fire Cure process, the Gerber Solara ionV also offers a price point that allows almost any size print shop 
to take advantage of its versatility and superior performance.

"Like the Gerber Solara ionX, the Gerber Solara ionV is built on a robust flatbed platform that provides the best 
possible foundation for printing rigid materials," explained Curt Brey, executive director of digital solutions for 
GSP. Material up to 1"/25.4mm thick, 100"/2.5m in length and 64"/1.6m wide is mounted on a vacuum table 
which provides the ultimate in stability, while a gantry moves the print heads over the substrate during printing. 
The result is precision printing on a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials.

Similar to the Gerber Solara ionX, the Gerber Solara ionV can print virtually any rigid and flexible media on its 
precision flatbed, up to 100"/2.5m in length and with perfect double-sided printing capability. What differentiates 
the Gerber Solara ionV is instead of eight print heads it includes a single CMYK four-head set and does not 
include a roll-to-roll printing system.

"We are excited about the Gerber Solara ionV‘s price point, as well as the value contribution it will offer the 
sign making and specialty graphics printing industry," Curt Brey notes. "At as much as 30% less than the ionX 
you simply won’t find a better built, feature-rich wide-format printer in this price range than the Gerber Solara ionV. 
It is an excellent choice for most wide-format printing applications."

Not only is the Gerber Solara Series exceptionally well designed, the printer features Gerber's patent-pending, 
Cold Fire Cure technology. This unique UV curing process uses low energy and low temperature to cure the 
proprietary GerberCAT inks. "Cold Fire Cure offers a vast array of benefits over any competitive curing process 
in the areas of material compatibility, cost of operation, and even environmental, health, and safety benefits," 
commented Brey. "And GerberCAT ink greatly expands the range of materials that can be printed by the Gerber 
Solara Series. Heat sensitive plastic, vinyl, fabric, and paper-based materials can be printed using Gerber's Cold 
Fire Cure and GerberCAT inks without concern over ink adhesion or material damage," Brey explained.

"The combination of Cold Fire Cure and GerberCAT makes the Gerber Solara Series some of the most versatile 
printers in the world," explained Brey. "The versatility of Solara ion printers opens the door to a huge set of 
applications such as real estate signage, vehicle applications, backlit, traffic signage, exhibit display, directional, 
storefront, banners, and textiles all through one printing system."

"The Gerber Solara ionV makes the ion printing technology more affordable and therefore more widely available 
within the markets it serves." Gerber’s proprietary printing technologies will allow the Gerber Solara ionV to 
make its way into many markets, such as sign making, digital graphics, screen printing, packaging, exhibit 
display and more. Brey adds, "The Gerber Solara ionV is a terrific starter flatbed (direct-to-rigid) printer solution 
for almost any size print shop, and with Gerber’s future upgrade programs, the Gerber Solara ionV offers the 
ability to grow in capacity and versatility with the sign makers business."

Current owners of the Gerber Solara ionX have experienced tremendous cost savings through the transition to 
direct-to-rigid printing. Both of the Gerber Solara ion models eliminate the material and labor cost associated with 
printing, application and finishing processes. In some shops, the material costs can be so significant that the 
savings achieved with the Gerber Solara ion can equal a month of the printer’s lease. In addition, labor costs 
are drastically reduced as a result of the direct-to-rigid printing process. A frequent comment from existing owners 
of the Gerber Solara ionX is that jobs that used to take four or more hours can now be completed in thirty minutes 
or less using their Solara ionX.

Even installation is easy. The Solara ion Series printers are assembled on site and often do not require expensive 
or disruptive site preparations. "Before assembly, the printer components will fit through a standard 36"/91.44cm 
door opening," explained Brey. "There is no added expense to tear down walls just to install our inkjet printers, 
and unlike heavier printers, the Gerber Solara Series does not require a reinforced concrete floor. The quick 
assembly and lack of hidden installation costs are two real benefits for our customers even before they begin to 
use the printer," noted Brey. The Gerber Solara Series of printers is also backed by world-class service and 
support through a highly supportive distribution network and Gerber’s service organization, including locally-
based service engineers.

New Print-to-Cut Finishing Solution
When combined with the M3000 Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems, GSP now offers a complete 
print-to-cut solution for its wide-format printers. The M3000 is the fourth generation of rugged finishing systems 
from Gerber Innovations which feature cutting, routing, and engraving and a variety of table sizes to meet 
specific customer requirements. The M3000 Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems are capable of cutting 
a wide array of flexible and rigid substrates, and are equipped with the MVision-Cut® automatic laser registration 
system for accurate print-to-cut registration and precise results. "With over 3,500 Gerber Innovations installations 
worldwide," said Brey "the MSeries Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems continue a legacy of durability and 
reliability which we are proud to offer to our customers." The combination of the M3000 and Solara ionV 
provide the most affordable wide format, rigid print-to-cut solution in the world.

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