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MACtac - 12/9/2008

MACtac Application Development Team Delivers Solutions Answering Industry’s Toughest Challenges

Leveraging its industry longevity and research expertise, MACtac is opening the door to the development of 
exciting new innovations with its recently formalized Application Development Team. The Application 
Development Team was assembled to work collaboratively with customers to provide product and process 
solutions for the industries MACtac serves, including the labels and labeling industry, which often presents 
extremely tough challenges. 

MACtac has dedicated the resources, talent and equipment necessary to support the team, which is composed 
of professionals with extensive experience in several key manufacturing disciplines, as well as company executives. 

For customers, working with the Application Development Team is comparable to working with a personalized 
Research and Development (R&D) department that offers a unique margin of difference through new and 
refined solutions. The team’s focus is to help customers improve their product portfolios and process 
management activities by acting as a true R&D partner. As various markets within the pressure-sensitive 
adhesive industry continue to evolve, finding innovative new approaches will allow MACtac’s customers to 
better adapt to the changes.

"With the creation of the Application Development Team, MACtac is reinforcing its dedication to our customers 
and its commitment to delivering to the industry the most effective solutions for the toughest challenges," said 
Ed LaForge, vice president of marketing, MACtac North America.

Working collaboratively, the Application Development Team applies the expertise of its members to evaluate 
the specific needs and unique challenges voiced by customers to determine whether a solution can be 
developed. If a solution can be developed, the team, which meets four out of five days a week, immediately 
begins solution development. For challenges that, at present, can’t be met, the team communicates with 
customers within a few days to recommend an alternative solution. 

"The Application Development Team has been a great resource for our customers, helping them meet some 
of their longest-standing business challenges," said Mark Tangry, vice president of sales, MACtac North 
America. "The sales force is committed to continuing to work with customers to help them address their unique 
challenges and on finding unique applications to address industry-wide issues."

Already recognized as an industry innovator, MACtac approaches the industry’s challenges as opportunities 
to reach beyond traditional solutions to create the ‘only’ solution. "We’re redefining traditional product 
development," LaForge said. "Our Application Development Team thrives on the unique, so the larger and 
more complex the challenge, the better."

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