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Estimator Corporation - 12/1/2008

Industry Hungry Wide Format Estimating Software Released at Graph Expo Chicago and Print 08 in Toronto

Estimator Corp, headquartered in Westport CT, announced the release of its Wide-Format solution as part of its 
standard print-estimating software, specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing wide- format segment of the 
printing industry.

Estimators Wide-Format addition was especially designed to calculate Wide Format Banners, Posters and 
other specialty products with ease and simplicity. Wide Format functions in an industry standard using the 
Square Foot charge for printing but also includes the material used if wider then the item printed and also 
calculates the feed speed as related to the Print Head traversing the entire width. 

QuickBooks connectivity is also now a standard feature with Estimator, and with a simple click you create an 
export file easily imported from QuickBooks with their Import function under File.

"Estimator features ‘Competitive Advantage Software’ fully artificial intelligent, mistake-proof, single screen 
estimating solutions for Sheet-fed, Web and Digital and now Wide-Format," advised Estimator President Mark 
Myers "Visitors at our booths during the shows got to know our staff and received details how Estimator 
eliminates Estimating Errors, reduces estimating time by 7 or greater, and significantly improves sales by doing 
instant quotes while the client is on the phone, and e-mail it to them during the conversation. Estimator allows 
prospects for its software to use the unrestricted program in their plant, set-up and running with the company’s 
pricing, installed at Estimators expense. Estimator also includes all components in it pricing with networking 
being the only exception."

For information on Estimator’s low cost software solutions which include Estimate, Job Ticket, Cost Analysis, 
Paper and Services PO’s, Job Scheduler, Shipping Labels, Delivery Ticket, Invoice, containing unique features 
like Press Select, Variable Paper Pricing, Remote Estimating, Virtual Server Capability, Vista Compatibility, 
Connection to Quick-Books, Auto Layout, Wide Format and unlimited services including mailing, Download the 
full run 60-Day Trial at For additional information: Contact e-mail , or call 203 682 6436.

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