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Canon Solutions America - 11/10/2008

Océ CS9000 eco-solvent inkjet printers certified for Avery Graphics Integrated Component System Performance Guarantee

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced that its 
line of Océ CS9000 eco-solvent printers have met the criteria for the Avery Graphics Integrated Component 
System (ICS) Performance Guarantee from Avery Dennison Corporation, Graphics & Reflective Products 
Division.  Graphics printed on the Océ CS9050, Océ CS9060 and Océ CS9160 printers using Océ IJC930 
eco-solvent inks on selected Avery Graphics materials will be covered under the Avery Graphics ICS Performance 

The Avery Graphics ICS Performance Guarantee offers protection for customers in the rare event of a graphics 
failure.  In such an event, Avery Dennison or its agent will replace or repair the selected Avery Graphics 
materials without charge, subject to the terms and conditions of the Avery Graphics ICS Performance Guarantee.  
The selected Avery materials include the following product lines.

- Avery Graphics MPI (Multi Purpose Inkjet) Series is a range of cast and calendered vinyl for a variety of 
applications such as fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, bus wraps, posters, perforated window graphics, promotional 
graphics, banners, exhibit graphics and billboards.

- Avery Graphics DOL (Digital Overlaminate) Series is a range of cast and calendered, clear and matte 
overlaminates for fleet marking and applications requiring added protection.

Océ CS9000 eco-solvent printers
The Océ CS9000 eco-solvent printer line includes the Océ CS9050 and the Océ CS9160 (successor to the 
Océ CS9060). Both are high-quality, eco-solvent inkjet printers for creating indoor and outdoor display graphics 
prints.  They are affordable, environmentally safe and easy-to-use systems that offer indoor and outdoor versatility.

The Océ CS9050 model is a basic, affordable, 54-inch wide eco-solvent printer that delivers high quality prints 
at production speeds. For shops considering entering the digital printing marketplace, the easy-to-use Océ 
CS9050 makes the transition simple. Commercial printers that want to begin offering outdoor-durable prints 
don’t have to sacrifice quality or production print speeds with the Océ CS9050. Corporate customers can save 
outsourcing expenses by bringing display graphics printing in-house with the Océ CS9050.

Building on the success of its predecessor the Océ CS9060 model, the 64-inch wide Océ CS9160 printer 
provides proven reliability, superior print quality and increased productivity. The Océ CS9160 is a high quality, 
environmentally safe and easy-to-use system that offers the ability to produce both indoor and outdoor-durable 
prints.  It is ideal for those just starting in the digital printing industry and for print providers using aqueous 
technology that want to start offering high quality outdoor prints. It is also an excellent choice for corporate 
customers that want to bring graphics production in-house. 

Advanced print technologies
All Océ CS9000 Series printers offer superior print quality and ink economy through the use of four-color inks 
plus Océ CS9000 VariaDotTM imaging technology and WAVE Stitching print modes.  

Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology produces dots with variable drop sizes to deliver finer details, 
smoother gradients and sharper images.  The use of Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology results in 
significantly lower ink usage when compared to the ink usage of six color printers using fixed dot inkjet 
technology; 25 to 35 percent less ink is used.

WAVE Stitching prints in ‘waves’ instead of straight bands resulting in higher print quality, improved productivity 
and increased media versatility. With WAVE Stitching, the Océ CS9050 and Océ CS9160 can produce prints 
with consistent quality in Production print modes, even when more demanding media are used. 

Environmentally safe eco-solvent system, easy to use
Eco-solvent inks offer customers the outdoor benefits of solvent inks, while making their use possible in a 
regular office, small print shop or storefront environment. There are no hidden costs for an optional air purification 
or ventilation system. The Océ IJC930 eco-solvent inks used in the Océ CS9050, Océ CS9060 and Océ 
CS9160 offer an outdoor durability of up to three years, without lamination.

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