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Bordeaux Inc. - 11/2/2008

Bordeaux Brand Industrial Inks Offer a Cost-Effective Solution for Russian Wide Format Printers

Bordeaux Digital Printink Exhibits at REKLAMA 2008, Moscow, Russia November 11-14 with leading Russian 
Zenon - Booth # 21C70
Helvetica - Booth # 21D72
WMT Stolicia - Booth # 22C20

Featuring Quality compatible Wide and Super Wide Format Inks designed to replace original inks for printers 

Bordeaux and its Russian partners will launch promotional, sales and support activities, introducing Bordeaux’s 
advanced ink product lines - including a variety of Solvent, UV Curable, Eco and Light Solvent inks. During the 
show, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see the Bordeaux brand products in use, on different machines: 
ZEONJET ST 600, ZEONJET SKYWALKER (Zenon booth), Roland XJ 740 (WMT-Stolicia booth).

Bordeaux is presenting unique Plug & Play, Mix & Match solutions which allow replacing one color cartridge at 
a time, without any switch-over procedures - creating considerable savings in machine time, printhead life span 
and labour costs. These new possibilities have already raised great interest within the Russian wide format 

Moshe Zach, Bordeaux Digital Printink CEO, notes: "Bordeaux is very proud of its recent cooperation with the 
most professional outstanding operations in this country, which presents a magnificent opportunity to expand 
our exposure in the growing Russian market." Dror Muallem, Bordeaux VP for sales & marketing, adds: "Apart 
from the newly launched products presented at REKLAMA, one of the R&D achievements we're really proud 
of is the improvement in the jetability, gamut and adhesion properties of existing products. This is a result of the 
leveraging of new production methods with recently purchased state-of-the-art cutting edge milling equipment.

Prime PrJ3 Solvent-Based Inks - Perfectly designed for the Mimaki JV3 and Roland SJ Solvent Printers.
Bordeaux has taken an unprecedented step by improving on a best-selling formula that already has proven to 
be a "workhorse" in the Mimaki JV3TM!  Our new generation ink was developed so that our customers can 
see increased productivity and have more latitude by printing on a greater variety of substrates. 

PRIME Line of Solvent-based inks
Bordeaux’s PRIME series solvent-based inks are popular for their outstanding features such as wide color 
gamut, durability, low cost and ability to adhere to both coated and uncoated media. All Bordeaux brand inkjet 
inks are suitable for long outdoor exposure and light fastness of up to 24 months without need for lamination. 
Unique Benefits include advanced fast-drying formulation for high productivity modes, maximum light-fastness, 
low corrosion solvents, reliability & high optical density, Up to 2 years outdoor durability for pigmented inks, 
optimized adhesion and compatibility with a wide range of coated & uncoated substrates.

PRIME ECO PeNr  inks - Designed to Replace Roland ECO-SOL MAX inks
A High Quality Economic solution for the Roland  Soljet Pro and the VersaCAMM, the PRIME PeNr eliminates 
the need for Profiling or Flushing. This is a unique quality Mix and Match solution, that enables hot swapping
with Roland ECO-SOL ink cartridges. No colour variance or new profiling needed.

No pumps, dampers, tubes or wipers replacement are required when switching over! When switching inks 
utilizing the Mix & Match concept, more than 25% can be saved in comparison to original inks.  Chip mounted 
on 440ml cartridge - fully compatible with the new Roland XC & VP printer models.

Plasma Series (UV Curable)
Bordeaux’s PLASMA ink is a proprietary ink for UV-based printers. Bordeaux’s UV-Curable PLASMA ink offers 
practically instant drying and long-term outdoor durability.  The PLASMA ink is fast curing, only requiring short 
exposure dose to UV light, and generating high resolution in fast mode printing. The color gamut supports the 
Eurostandard / SWOP color management systems. Plasma ink manifests excellent adhesion on Coroplast plastic 
sheets and Compatibility with all types of substrates and UV applications. It is Non irritant, not regulated for 
transport, non hazardous, and has 4 light colors and white available.

PRIME GREEN -  fully compatible with the JV5 original ink
Bordeaux is pleased to announce the availability of a new ink set primarily for use in Mimaki JV5 printers. This 
ink can also be used as a premium ink for JV3 Mimaki printers. This new ink besides its color gamut, that is fully 
compatible with the JV5 OEM ink, also addresses the growing concern for environmental issues in the wide and 
grand format digital printing industry. The JV5 compatible ink is the first ink set in a new line of Bordeaux’s PRIME 
GREEN ink family.

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