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Gandinnovations - 11/3/2008

Gandinnovations Wins Multiple Awards Plus SGIA Honors James Gandy with 2008 DPI Innovator Award

Gandinnovations, SGIA '08 Platinum Sponsor and manufacturer of grand-format UV flatbeds, UV roll-to-roll 
printers, solvent roll-to-roll printers and dye sublimation digital printers, secured its place as the leader in high 
performance digital printing by sweeping product and partner awards. 

One of the most noteworthy moments of the Expo came when industry expert James Gandy, president of 
Gandinnovations, was honored for his contributions to the advancements in grand-format digital imaging as 
recipient of the coveted 2008 Innovator Award. The DPI Innovator Award recognizes the creativity and 
ingenuity of specialty imagers who have advanced the digital imaging industry and community through 

Gandinnovations is without doubt the frontrunner in the grand format, high-resolution digital print industry.  
The company sets high standards with its “all new” incredible line of user and eco-friendly Jeti Printers, built 
with versatility and production power. 

"We’ve been able to attract not only the best and the brightest, but a dedicated staff of engineers that 
continuously improve on our products, and build extremely solid, durable and reliable printers," says James 
Gandy, president of Gandinnovations.

Veterans of the Grand Format printing industry, James and his brother Hary Gandy, vice president of world-wide 
sales for Gandinnovations, remain independent entrepreneurs and operate one of the last privately-owned 
manufacturing companies in the business. The Gandy Brothers invest profits back into research and 

"We not only have assembled a brilliant team, but we keep close watch on the industry and most importantly 
listen to our customers," says Gandy.  "This is a fast paced niche industry that requires flexibility and constant 
improvements in hardware and software development to remain at the top.

Gandinnovations captures numerous accolades for Product of the Year

Not only did the company earn the most SGIA’s most prestigious honor, it also swept DPI Product of the Year 
and Partner of the Year award categories.

Entries for the DPI Product of the Year competition were judged on the Expo show floor by a team of digital 
imaging professionals.  In the Output Device category, Gandinnovations was bestowed honors in the categories 
of Grand Format (Solvent Ink) for its 3324 Solvent Roll-to-Roll; and in Textile for Gandinnovations Jeti Aquajet.  

Entrants were required to submit a test print, produced from the nominated device. The image, designed by 
SGIA, was intended to challenge the output device’s capabilities.

In addition to Product of the Year winners, Partner Awards were given to companies for RIP software and media 
products used to create the winning prints.  In the category of Output Devices, Gandinnovations received high 
marks of distinction in Grand Format (Solvent Ink) and Textile: (RIP) for Gandisoft RIP Version, (Media) 3P Inkjet 
Textiles Corp. 

Complete package of speed, quality and versatility

Gandinnovations hosted the largest and perhaps most visited booth at the SGIA ’08 Expo.  Already creating 
huge post-show buzz, Gandinnovations showcased a new range of grand format digital printers for soft signage, 
outdoor and billboard applications that allow for a wide variety of commercial applications.

"Attendees just couldn’t wait to see our printers in action.  They expect to see an incredible amount of 
breakthrough imaging technologies and we delivered," says Hary Gandy.  "Nothing is more impressive than 
continuous live demonstrations to prove the reliability, production and performance quality of our printers."

The company unveiled the NanoJet UV True Flatbed digital printer, which uses the latest in digital print technology. 
Specifically designed to print photo-realistic quality outputs, the NanoJet uses 24 Spectra high performance 
print heads. Equipped with a silicon nozzle plate, the 15 picoliter head is specifically designed to deliver high 
resolution droplets. Printing at speeds of 220sqft/hr (20.4sqm/hr) in Photo-Realistic mode with superb results, 
the NanoJet has a print area of 4' x 8' and prints in 6 colors at 800dpi, using Gandinnovations UV-curable 
branded inks. The NanoJet is a true winner for any printshop needing to output a high quality product. Perfect 
for high quality display printing on variety any rigid any flexible substrates.

The Jeti 3324 Aquajet Direct-to-Fabric digital printer - the "European Digital Press" 2008 Award-winning unit - 
consistently outperformed the competition with bold, vibrant, solid colors printing direct to all fabrics.  For direct 
color, printing to paper first is no longer necessary; the Aquajet offers a simple, single process, which enables 
print shops to save time and money.

Key highlights included the Jeti3348 Jetspeed UV RTR, with its brand new 3-meter UV RTR digital printer, 
which prints at lightning speeds of 2500 sqft/hr (230sqm/hr) in a 4-color configuration and features 48 Spectra 
print heads. The new unit uses Gandinnovations' UV-curable branded inks on a variety of materials including 
100% PE eco-friendly polyethylene and is well suited for all types of outdoor applications. The Jeti3348 
Jetspeed UV RTR will also be available with a back-lit camera option enabling reverse printing of the material 
and comes with perfect registration allowing brilliant backlit signage. The Jeti3348 Jetspeed UV RTR is the best 
productive digital print solution for outdoor applications in speed and quality for billboards, backlit signage and 
building wraps.

Gandinnovations also demonstrated its complete digital solution for screen printers and signage / display printers 
with the high speed Jeti 3150 X-2 UV True Flatbed digital printer. Printing at speeds of up to 1400sqft/hr 
(140sqm/hr) in billboard production mode, this unit uses 48 Spectra print heads. This true flatbed digital printer 
has a print area of 1.5m x 3m equipped with a strong 3 zone sectional vacuum table, which holds virtually any 
rigid substrate in place up to 5 cm (2") in thickness. The Jeti 3150 X-2 UV prints in 6 colors and uses the 
company's 2008 award-winning white ink and clear varnish with outstanding quality and speed. Also the new 
Cyclone UV Liquid Laminator which now gives our customers the ability to apply a super high gloss or matte 
finish to their finished prints without waiting or losing any downtime. The Cyclone is compatible with Gandi 
branded UV-curable inks, which are featured in all 4 of our Jeti Flatbed printers. The clear varnish is very 
durable, scratch resistant and protects the finished print for outdoor use when applied on many substrates.
            The Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR proved a workhorse for demonstrations throughout the show. This unit is 
the best productive digital solution for billboards, building and vehicle wraps. Gandi branded solvent inks 
carry the 3M Performance Guarantee.

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