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Inca Digital Printers - 10/26/2008

Inca Digital Announces Inca Onset S20

Inca Digital Printers today announce the Inca Onset S20, designed to deliver the high-volume production 
needs of specialist display print companies. The new printer, which will be available from global distributor 
Fujifilm Sericol, builds on the technology of the Inca Onset, the world's fastest digital UV flatbed printer, and 
offers unique new features providing unrivalled print speed at a competitive price.

This latest product introduction will allow Inca and Fujifilm Sericol to provide the industry with a choice of UV 
flatbed digital printers to suit all production requirements.

"The Onset is an ideal printer for customers with high productivity.  However we recognize that most customers 
do not need to produce 6,458 sqft/hr of print.  The Onset S20 is aimed at customers who like the features of the 
Onset but who sell less output and want a lower price point.  Inca can now offer customers machines to suit 
any budget and throughput need, with the reliability and build quality associated with the Inca name," says Bill 
Baxter, MD of Inca Digital.

The Inca Onset S20 has been engineered to provide superb levels of performance, quality and flexibility. It 
features Inca configured printheads on a full print width color bar with a 28 picolitre drop size.  This, combined 
with Inca's own print module technology and motion systems, delivers precise ink drop placement, producing 
excellent print quality. The capability to control pulse width and voltage on each individual printhead enables 
highly accurate control.  Uniquely with the Onset S20, there is the ability to replace individual printheads easily, 
which further reduces maintenance costs.

The Onset S20 prints edge to edge over a 123" x 63" area on a moving bed on substrates nearly 2" thick. 
The vacuum table with accurate pin positioning allows users to print single and double sided on a variety of 
sheet sizes. To provide users with an extra level of performance, a semi-automated material handling system is 
available as an option.

While the standard colour set of the Inca Onset S20 is Fujifilm Sericol's Uvijet four color CMYK, Ultratone inks 
(lights, orange, violet) and white versions are also available.  This, as well as a choice of satin, semi-gloss and 
gloss finishes, delivers enormous versatility in the range of products that can be printed, e.g. display POS, 
exhibition graphics, backlit/frontlit displays, outdoor signage printing etc. The Wasatch RIP provides easy file 
set-up and in-depth colour management control for a variety of applications. As with the faster Onset, an 
integrated scanner automatically checks and ensures accurate print density, and allows printhead nozzle 
mapping and alignment to assure that quality is not compromised.

With the addition of the Inca Onset S20, Inca offers a range of ten digital UV inkjet flatbed printers in a choice 
of formats, speeds and colors. The product range enables companies to select the Inca machine that is most 
suited to their specific requirements.  Sold by distribution partner Fujifilm Sericol, the first commercial shipments 
of the Onset S20 will be in March of 2009.

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