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Canon Solutions America - 10/9/2008

New Océ Arizona 350 GT UV-curable Flatbed Printer

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced the new 
Océ Arizona® 350 GT UV curable flatbed printer, which includes support for white ink printing and high
production print speeds. The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer will be on display in the Océ booth #1041 at the 
Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo, October 15-18 in Atlanta, and the Océ booth #2400 at 
Graph Expo, October 26-29 in Chicago.

The Océ Arizona 350 GT is the next generation model in the award-winning Océ Arizona printer line. It uses 
UV curable inks and Océ VariaDotTM imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality for nearly 
any application. Designed as a true flatbed system, it can print on a wide variety of rigid substrates and features 
a Roll Media Option for printing onto flexible media.  

The Océ Arizona 350 GT expands the popular Océ Arizona family of UV curable, flatbed printers, which also 
includes the Océ Arizona 200 GT and the Océ Arizona 250 GT printers.

White ink expands capabilities
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer includes a White Ink Option that can be added at the factory or in the field. The 
White Ink Option enables under-printing on non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on 
transparent media and printing white as a spot color. Under-printing white ink provides a base for non-white 
surfaces upon which color can be added, giving users the ability to expand their range of offerings to include 
specialty applications. Over-printing white ink provides a diffusion layer for backlit applications that will be 
viewed from the unprinted side, enabling users to produce high quality backlit images for point-of-purchase 
applications. The ability to also print white ink as a spot color enables white features of images to be highlighted 
for greater effect.

Production print speeds
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer features production print speeds up to 239 square feet per hour on rigid media 
and up to 188 square feet per hour using the Roll Media Option. This enables users to print nearly sixty full-sized 
(4’ x 8’) boards in a single eight-hour shift, or more than 1,615 square feet of flexible media. 

Printer basics
The Océ Arizona 350 GT combines a true flatbed design with a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll system. It can 
print onto rigid media up to 49" wide x 98" long x 1.89" thick. With the Roll Media Option installed, users can 
print onto flexible media up to 87" wide. It uses four-color (CMYK) plus White UV curable inks and Océ 
VariaDot imaging technology with near-photographic image quality. 

The Océ Arizona 350 GT is a true flatbed design that uses a vacuum system to hold media stationary on a flat 
surface, ensuring accurate registration even on multiple imaging passes. Full bleeds can be printed, saving time 
and labor costs in finishing. No minimum print size means just the necessary materials are used with no substrate 
waste. Unlike all other flatbed or rigid-capable printers, the Océ Arizona 350 GT prints along the long axis of rigid 
media to optimize throughput – the fewer the number of printing passes over the media, the higher the average 

The Océ Arizona 350 GT joins the popular Océ Arizona family of UV curable, flatbed printers at the top of the 
range. The Océ Arizona 250 GT printer uses four-color (CMYK) ink and prints at speeds of up to 172 square 
feet per hour. The Océ Arizona 200 GT printer also uses four-color (CMYK) ink and prints at speeds of up to 
101 square feet per hour.  All share the same robust architecture and deliberate design that offer the Océ 
values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness. 

Outstanding image quality, designed for productivity
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer uses Océ VariaDot imaging technology that enables a printhead to produce 
dots of variable size versus printheads using fixed-droplet technology. Océ VariaDot technology creates these 
variable dots by dispensing ink droplets that vary in size from 6 to 42 picoliters. The ability to vary the drop size 
to as little as 6 picoliters produces sharp images with smoother gradients and quartertones. The ability to jet 
larger droplets up to 42 picoliters produces dense, uniform solids. The result is near-photographic image quality 
with a sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher.

In addition to superior image quality, Océ VariaDot imaging technology with four-color inks uses significantly less
ink compared to six-color printers with fixed-droplet inkjet technology. This lower ink consumption results in ink 
savings of up to 50 percent over fixed-droplet, six-color printers.

Opportunities for applications that command premium prices
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer can print on irregularly shaped or non-square items, heavy substrates such as 
glass, or materials that have an uneven surface such as wood. This is an advantage over competitive rigid-
capable printers that use belt or friction-based media feed systems, as they can only print on square-cornered, 
lightweight materials of uniform thickness. The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer, along with the White Ink Option, 
opens the printing possibilities to more exotic applications that command premium prices.

A Roll Media Option can be added in the factory or in the field, giving customers the ability to print onto flexible 
media including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper and blue backed paper without compromising 
the rigid printing workflow. Once a rigid print is finished, the printhead assembly is positioned over the roll module 
and begins printing on flexible media, while the rigid material is swapped out and the new board is placed on 
the vacuum table and prepared for printing. When the flexible media printing is completed, the printhead 
assembly moves back to the table to resume printing on the rigid media. The media roll can be unloaded at any 
time without interrupting rigid printing, and there is no down time to reconfigure the system to change from one 
print mode to the other.  

Beyond display graphics applications
The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer is ideal for producing a wide variety of display graphics such as event graphics, 
point-of-purchase displays, limited-term signage, banners, backlit and reflective rigid displays, transit advertising, 
and directional signage. But because of its ability to print on a range of materials not predetermined simply by 
“square, flat and thin” and its support of white ink, the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer can produce applications 
beyond the norm including custom furniture, glasswork, fixture enhancement, fine art, or nearly anything that 
the imagination can conceive.

The Océ Arizona 350 GT printer and the White Ink and Roll Media options are expected to be ready for customer 
delivery in the United States in November 2008.  For other geographies, please contact your local Océ office. 
To drive the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer, ONYX® ProductionHouseTM Océ Edition software is available as an 

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