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GCC America Incorporated - 10/2/2008

Unsurpassed Ceramic Printing with GCC StellarJET 250UV & K100UV

GCC, a global forefront manufacturer in the visual-tech industry, is excited to announce the new development of 
a total solution for ceramic tile applications with GCC StellarJET 250UV and the latest K100UV.
For a certain media, ceramic for example, it requires an additional technique to prevent the UV ink from rubbing 
off slippery surfaces. To overcome this imperfection, GCC has successfully developed a unique formula for 
ceramic applications, using primer and top-coat to offer users with carefree ceramic printing results. GCC’s 
innovative and self-developed total ceramic solution has been developed from various critical experiments, 
such as high/low temperature cycle tests, scratch hardness tests, surface abrasion tests and boiling tests. Now 
users can print and create perfect ceramic tiles through utilizing the GCC StellarJET 250UV and K100UV; 
moreover, the ceramic’s anti-scratch feature is also impeccable.

According to Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth, director and senior editor of FLAAR Reports, the most professional publication 
of large format printer organization, "This model (GCC StellarJET 250UV) I have already checked at a printshop: 
they were producing the best color saturation on ceramic tiles that I have seen anywhere (using a special primer)."
Ceramic tile applications can be extensively used on floorings, walls, ceilings and decorative or architectural 
industry, and GCC StellarJET 250UV and K100UV are great choices for creating personalized/customized 
designs on ceramic tiles applications. We welcome 250UV/K100 users to contact your authorized sales 
representatives for more detailed ceramic application tips.

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