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Esko - 9/23/2008

Enfocus Brings Worry-Free Creation of Press-Ready PDFs to Design Professionals with Instant PDF 08

Standards-compliant Certified PDFs, integration with Enfocus PowerSwitch streamline print production process 
for both designer, printers and publishers

September 23, 2008 - Gent, Belgium - Enfocus continues to enhance Instant PDF, bringing unprecedented 
simplicity and standards compliance to the desktops of designers and the print production workflow alike. 
In addition to supporting all the latest standards and design applications, including PDF/X-4 and Adobe(r) 
Acrobat(r) 9, Instant PDF 08 adds more color management options, improved preflighting, and integration with 
Enfocus PowerSwitch.

"It can be difficult and confusing for designers to create PDF files for print or advertisements that result in 
predictable output that is both printable and reflects their design intent," says David van Driessche, Director of 
Enfocus Marketing. "Improperly created PDF files wreak havoc in the production process and can cause 
unnecessary aggravation and delays for both the buyer and seller of print. With this release of Instant PDF 08, 
Enfocus has made it even easier and more worry-free for designers to create perfect, printable PDF files and for 
printers to benefit from reduced cycle time in the production process."

Enfocus Instant PDF 08: improved consistency, accuracy and efficiency
Enfocus Instant PDF 08 makes producing press-ready PDFs easy for creative professionals. Using 
award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF(r) technology, it is the simplest and most reliable way to create PDFs 
that comply with print or advertisement vendors' specifications, including PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and 
Ghent PDF Workgroup industry standards. Designers access Instant PDF 08 from within design applications, 
including the latest versions of QuarkXPress(tm), Adobe(r) Illustrator(r), Adobe(r) InDesign(r) and Adobe(r) 
Acrobat(r). Standard PDF Queues or custom PDF Queues created by the print service provider can be quickly 
and easily imported into design software to ensure consistent and accurate PDF generation that meets all job 

With Instant PDF 08, print providers will see a significant reduction in customer service and pre-press operator 
workload because Certified PDF files are always output correctly from the designer's workstation. With Enfocus 
Certified PDF(r) technology, the files are flagged as ready for output as soon as they arrive in the inbox.

For print service providers who have adopted Enfocus PowerSwitch to automate prepress tasks, Instant 
PDF 08 now delivers final PDF files directly to a Submit Point in PowerSwitch, making communication 
between the designer and the printer even more efficient.

"Also new in Instant PDF 08," adds Mr. van Driessche, "are new preflight checks that correct even more 
problems during PDF creation, including automatic detection of printer marks, setting the page boxes in the 
generated PDF file accordingly. In addition, we have embedded the open-source Little CMS color 
management engine to ensure color consistent conversions for both Mac and Windows. These additions align 
with our goal of making desktop PDF generation faster, easier and more accurate than ever before, removing 
stress and headaches for both the designer and the printer."

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