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Sawgrass Technologies Inc. - 9/15/2008

Sawgrass Technologies Releases SubliM Direct for Wide Format Sublimation Printing

Sawgrass Technologies, a world leader in the development of on-demand digital imaging technologies, has 
released SubliM Direct, its next generation sublimation ink technology, ideal for high-speed production 
environments that require the efficiency of a direct-print solution.  Sawgrass’ latest innovation for the wide 
format sublimation market offers superior runability, expanded color gamut and unrivaled lightfastness. 

Developed in Europe, SubliM Direct features strong color vibrancy across the spectrum, producing true reds 
and blues and the industry-leading black.  The new no-binder formulation allows sublimation dyes to penetrate 
fabric and offer greater wear resistance and enhanced UV performance.  Additionally SubliM inks will not 
migrate or bleed and have superior fixation with the use of a heating calendar press or in-line heating system, 
thus offering the ability to produce homogenous color on both sides of the fabric for flag and banner applications.    

Designed for high production environments that demand constant high performance, SubliM Direct has 
outstanding production capabilities and faster drying times.  The new formulation allows faster printing speeds 
while maintaining ink densities and offers the option to reduce ink limits up to 20 percent per channel and still 
maintain color vibrancy and density.  SubliM Direct works with all fabrics treated for Direct Print Sublimation. 
Sawgrass offers on-site support packages, including installation and training to minimize ramp up time for 

"The advancements of SubliM Direct will directly benefit our high productions customers - from the superior 
performance of the inks to the faster productions speeds," said Peter Valinski, Direct of Sales for Sawgrass.  
"Today’s growing businesses demand the best innovations for their business and Sawgrass is committed to 
providing the fastest, most reliable and productive solutions globally."

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