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Roland DGA Corporation - 9/8/2008

Roland Introduces World’s First UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Roland DGA Corp., a leading provider of wide-format inkjet printers and integrated printer/cutters, has introduced 
the world’s first UV inkjet printer/cutter, the company’s most advanced, versatile digital print production tool to date.

The environmentally friendly 30” VersaUV LEC-300 inkjet printer/cutter comes equipped with the industry’s latest 
generation of UV inks and safe, low-heat LED lamps. It prints CMYK + White + Clear on a wide range of 
substrates including foils, metallic and synthetic papers, BOPP, PE, and PET film for unmatched color, texture 
and dimension.  

Clear coat adds remarkably rich special effects ranging from high-gloss finishes for area highlights to 
custom-textured effects such as faux leather, crocodile skin and even Braille.  VersaUV comes with 
VersaWorks 3.0 RIP software, achieves 1440 dpi image quality and is backed by Roland’s Two-Year 
Trouble-Free Warranty.

"The VersaUV LEC-300 is a groundbreaking digital printing device supporting an endless range of highly 
customized applications," said Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager for Roland DGA Corp. 
"In addition to short run production of high-end specialty graphics, the LEC-300 is a uniquely capable prepress 
tool for label proofs, packaging comps and one-off prototypes."

A Highly Versatile Production Tool

Across an unprecedented range of substrates, the LEC-300 prints CMYK + White + Clear Coat and contour 
cuts for unmatched versatility.  The LEC-300’s White ECO-UV ink creates crisp, flawless graphics and text 
and can be used as an undercoat to enhance the brightness of four-color prints.  

The VersaUV LEC-300 prints on paper including metallic surfaces for labels, decals, POP displays and posters.  
It also prints on offset paper stock for highly accurate proofs, prototypes and comps.  The LEC-300 can be 
used to create original patterns and 3D domed corporate logos directly onto synthetic and natural leathers.  
Other applications include interior décor items such as customized window coverings and tapestries. 

The LEC-300 is a versatile pre-press and proofing device that can save commercial printers the many costs 
associated with press downtime.  VersaUV shops can also eliminate outsourcing for short production runs for 
unique, customized graphics and wraps of virtually any shape, size and texture.  

Easy Production Workflow

With VersaUV, there are no plates or film to produce.  Users simply design on a personal computer, send the 
file to the printer, and VersaUV automatically prints and digitally die cuts the finished print.  Die cutting is 
achieved through Roland’s renowned integrated print/cut technology that enables printing and cutting in one 
seamless workflow for optimum ease of use.  

 World’s Most Advanced UV Inks

ECO-UV ink was especially formulated for the LEC-300’s curing system for perfect curing at all print speeds, 
delivering high color density and wide gamut.  Instant drying and flexible, ECO-UV inks do not require 
degassing and can be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking.  

The LEC-300 includes two state-of-the-art solid state UV LED lamps arranged in a staggered configuration 
enabling both matte and gloss clear coat finishes.  In addition to a wide range of finishes, ECO-UV clear coat 
improves scratch and chemical resistance for one-year outdoor durability.  Packaged in no-mess 220ml 
cartridges, ECO-UV ink is VOC-free once cured.

State of the Art Curing System

LEC-300 LED lamps generate very little heat and last up to 10,000 hours, as much as ten times longer than
conventional UV lamps.   The LEC-300’s LED lamps can also be turned on and off instantly and are ready to 
use immediately after the printer is turned on.  By contrast, conventional curing systems may take up to ten 
minutes to pre-heat to the targeted level and burn continuously as long as the printer is running.  

Energy Star Certified and Ozone Free

The LEC-300 is the world’s first Energy Star certified wide-format UV inkjet and automatically enters a low 
power mode when it is not used for an extended period of time.  This feature can save thousands of dollars in 
electric bills each year and also lowers the emission of green house gases.  The LEC-300 requires only 320W 
of power - approximately one tenth the power required by conventional UV printers.  Accordingly, the LEC-300 
can be operated on a standard electrical outlet without an additional power supply.  

In addition, the LEC-300 uses a light source that is completely ozone free and emits light in the range called 
Near-UV of the UV spectrum, making it a safe alternative to conventional UV lamps.  The LEC-300 carries 
Roland’s Eco-Label.

VersaUV LEC-300 Features:

- World’s first UV inkjet printer/cutter
- Ideal for proofs, label and packaging prototypes and short production runs
- ECO-UV inks are the industry’s newest generation of UV inks
- Five-colors (CMYK+White) + Clear Coat
- Layered clear coat produces unique textures and finishes
- Supports hundreds of media options including metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film 
and flexible substrates
- Long lasting, energy efficient LED Lamps
- Outstanding image quality up to 1440 dpi
- Roland VersaWorks RIP software
- Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
- Roland Color System
- Variable Data Printing
- Max Impact Preset for richer color contrast
- Roland Eco-Label
- Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty

 VersaWorks 3.0 RIP Software 
The LEC-300 comes complete with VersaWorks 3.0 RIP software, developed by Roland engineers for the 
company’s wide-format inkjet devices.  VersaWorks 3.0 combines powerful features with an easy-to-use 
interface for outstanding results print after print.  

Based on the latest Abobe CPSI engine (3018), VersaWorks 3.0 is more robust and precise than ever before 
and features advanced print server functions allowing users to manage up to four Roland inkjet devices 
simultaneously.  VersaWorks 3.0 also offers support for Roland’s GX series cutters which allows professionals 
to manage stand-alone cutting operations or pair a Roland cutter with a Roland inkjet printer for print/cut 
applications.  A new PerfCut function enables users to produce precision perforated cut lines as well.  
VersaWorks allows users to select either conventional dual-pass or single-pass print modes for white ink 

In addition, VersaWorks includes proven productivity tools such as the Roland Color System for easy, precise 
spot color matching, the Max Impact Preset for richer color contrast, and Variable Data Printing.  Other 
VersaWorks features include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, software proofing 
capabilities and advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options. VersaWorks supports Windows 2000/XP and Vista. 

The VersaUV LEC-300 is priced at $49,995 U.S. and available through Authorized Roland Resellers.

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