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Mutoh - 9/2/2008

Mutoh America announces 3M’s Performance Guarantee on the ValueJet Hybrid 1608-64" with EPA recognized MUBIO Inks

Mutoh America’s ValueJet Hybrid 1608-64" piezo ink jet printer, using MUBIO Inks, has been approved to 
receive 3M’s Performance Guarantee. Together the ValueJet 1608, MUBIO Inks and selected 3M Media has 
been tested for performance and durability at 3M’s state-of-the-art facilities.  

3M is so confident that their graphic films, overlaminates and clear coats will meet high quality standards that 3M 
guarantees their performance in Mutoh America’s ValueJet Hybrid 1608-64" printer with MUBIO Inks. MUBIO 
Ink is the first inkjet ink to be recognized by the EPA under their Design for the Environment (DfE) initiative, 
composed of more than 80% renewable resources and developed specifically for the demands of wide format 
industrial printing. 

MUBIO Ink has the ability to print onto a wide variety of substrates while protecting the environment and safe 
guarding human health. The corn based solvents are not hazardous air pollutants, pose no threat to the ozone 
layer and contain no known human carcinogens.

3M’s products have been designed and engineered from the ground up to work consistently and reliably with 
solvent-based piezo print platforms. The graphic films are put through a rugged battery of performance test to 
ensure they work with all recommended system components. You can rely on 3M for quality and durability. 

3M’s qualified media portfolio incorporates a broad range of products including: Controltac, Controltac with 
Comply Adhesive, Scotchcal Graphic Films and Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Films.  These products are 
developed, tested and manufactured for optimal compatibility and performance.

Materials have different chemistries that must work together for a successful application, they can also act 
differently within the printer handling and transport. Failure at any point presents a printer compatibility issue 
and a change in chemistry can affect the physical properties. 3M takes great care and pride in the 
development and execution of the test process protocols: 
- Test for ink adhesion, color density and gloss. 
- Test all overlaminate or clear coat options for performance on printed samples. 
- Test for proper liner release and dimensional stability after printing. 
- Test for adhesion of printed film samples to the recommended substrates. 
- Test for durability using indoor accelerated weathering and actual outdoor weathering for each film and substrate, 
performed in using a variety of temperature and humidity extremes.

To qualify for the 3M Performance Guarantee, graphics must be installed according to 3M recommendations. 
The replacement cost of 3M materials only is covered; the guarantee does not warranty image fading, cracking, 
peeling or any other performance issues. The 3M Performance Guarantee warrants the following for 3M Graphic 
Films and Graphic Protection: physical defects, manufacturing defects, printing and cutting defects, stated 
warranted durability, fitness for use, adhesive to specified substrates, and removal for removable/changeable films. 

The duration of any given performance guarantee varies according to the material combinations and applications 
as detailed in 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins which are available on 3M’s website,

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