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ElevenTen Color - 8/20/2008

ElevenTen Color Introduces Ultra-Removable Adhesive Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive Laminating Films

ElevenTen Color has announced the addition of two new products to its Luminosity media portfolio, 
Ultra-Removable Adhesive Vinyl and Pressure Sensitive Laminating film. 

Ultra-Removable Adhesive White Vinyl, available in 54 inch and 60 inch by 50 yard rolls, is compatible with 
Solvent and Eco-Solvent based inks and has an indoor lifespan of up to two years. The adhesive technology 
allows for this material to be removed and re-applied multiple times with out tools or cleaners. 

This easy-to-remove vinyl is a valuable tool when creating advertisements, promotions, wall graphics and trade 
show displays along with being ideal on painted walls, wallpaper, windows and wood paneling. 

ElevenTen Color's Pressure Sensitive Laminate enhances color and contrast of printed graphics for a noticeably 
deeper and richer image. Two versions of the laminating film are available; standard and UV. The UV version 
contains UV inhibitors that add additional fade resistance to laminated graphics. The long-lasting and durable 
bond between laminate and graphic guards against environmental damage such as humidity, surface contact 
and UV damage.

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