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Durst Image Technology US LLC - 8/26/2008

Durst Rhopac Used to Print Recyclable Corrugated Board

The Display Division of SCA Package in Sweden was the first company to install a Durst Rhopac, a wide-format 
direct to media UV inkjet printer specifically designed for printing onto corrugated board, just over two and a half 
years ago. All the business in the plant at Norrköping, where the Rhopac is installed, concerns the design, 
print and manufacture of corrugated board displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

SCA has developed, over a long period of time, a very special corrugated board which is 100 percent recyclable. 
The board has a water resistant surface so that it can be used for outdoor advertising as well as for in-store 
displays. Once the advertising promotion is completed, the display material is pulped and new board is 
manufactured ready for printing. Another benefit of the board is that it can be printed on both sides thus 
making the change over of poster campaigns, for example, very easy and fast. It is already used extensively 
across Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia on the widest range of different advertising display applications. 

Together with the special board, SCA has developed its own display system called "easyad". The system has 
a normal size of 1,6 x 3,2 m in one sheet and used for fixed outdoor poster sites, amongst other applications. 
Changing the advertising message could not be simpler, old boards are taken out and new ones slotted in place. 
This avoids the need for using adhesive paste which is both time consuming and would affect the recylability 
of the material. The easyad system is a unique product and one which SCA is able to offer exclusively to its 

The Rhopac is kept busy printing a whole range of different display material including, free-standing in-store 
displays, packaging and counter top displays and advertising posters for both indoor and outdoor applications; 
all printed on the recyclable corrugated board. 

"When we originally installed the Rhopac we did so in order to explore the business opportunities offered by 
digital print. We had identified the potential business opportunity of being able to offer short run production, 
personalization and fast turnaround of one-off items. We also saw the Rhopac as the idea means of producing 
prototypes and client proofs," said John-Äke Svensson, General Manager of SCA Packaging Display Division. 
"Two and a half years later the Rhopac is kept constantly busy working two shifts a day, five days a week. It is 
very much part of our production process. Perhaps what is different from what we first anticipated is that we 
have little time for experimentation, the volume of actual print orders that is produced on the Rhopac, leaves 
little time for anything else. The production of prototypes is also an important use, it enables us to present to 
customers a full size model with the quality of the final print, in the shortest possible time. Once approved, the 
final job will either be printed on the Rhopac or, if it is a high volume order, on one of the silk screen presses, 
for example. As a rule, we use the Rhopac for print runs up to about 100 units. 

"With regards to our original purchase of the Rhopac, we are very satisfied with its performance. In particular it 
has proven to be extremely reliable with very few stoppages; a proper production machine and that is very 
important in our business. It has also enabled us to explore the market for short run products both for indoor and 
outdoor applications."

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