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Onyx Graphics - 8/21/2008

ONYX Graphics Releases ONYX Workflow Software Version 7.2

ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced it has released Version 7.2 for its popular workflow software packages:  
ONYX® ProductionHouseTM, ONYX PosterShop® and ONYX RIPCenterTM.  The new features in Version 7.2 
are designed to boost productivity, help realize additional cost savings, and ensure consistent output quality.  
It is available now.

Extended productivity with support for additional devices
Version 7.2 extends the productivity of ONYX workflow software by adding support for new printers, cutters and 
color devices.  
Drivers for the following printer models have been added:  Epson® GS6000, HP Designjet® L65500, Seiko 
ColorPainter H-104S, Canon® iPF605 & iPF720, and Graphtec® Signjet 500. 
Drivers for the following cutters have been added:  Gerber® M-Series and Roland® GX Series.
Drivers for the following color devices have been added:  Spectro Swing from Barberi, which supports both 
sheet-fed swatches and backlit and clear film media.
New Dot Pattern Produces Smoother Images and Enables Greater Ink Cost Savings
Included in all Version 7.2 software packages is a new dot pattern, “FDRP Enhanced,” a new error diffusion dot 
pattern that produces finer, smoother output, especially in printers with “fixed-dot” modes.  The results are most 
apparent in critical areas such as flesh tones and solid fill areas.  FDRP Enhanced enables users to print at 
lower resolutions, thereby using less ink without compromising image quality.

Output Quality Improvements
Several enhancements have been included in Version 7.2 to continue to meet the high quality demands of 
ONYX users.

More Robust and Accurate Color
Improvements in the ONYX ICC Profile Generator increase accuracy and smoothness of grey and black 
generation while improving color output and accuracy on CMYK+ printers.  Version 7.2 uses innovative 
dynamic ink separation technology that maximizes the use of the special printers’ inks, while still maintaining 
accurate grey and spot color matching.  This dynamic technology works in each print mode, so users get the 
best possible color on every printer media and resolution.

New Spot Color Matching Capabilities
Version 7.2 includes support for HP Professional PANTONE® emulation technology on select HP printers.  
Also included are enhanced drivers for the HP Designjet L65500, 8000s, 9000s, 10000s, Z2100, Z3100 and 
Z6100 printers and HP’s proprietary spot color mapping algorithms for more accurate matches of out-of-gamut 
PANTONE spot colors.

Integrated RAL and HKS color libraries for automatic professional color standards matching are now standard.  
In addition, the new PANTONE Goe® uncoated colors have been added to the existing full PANTONE color 
matching library.  Version 7.2 also includes support for automatic spot color matching in color blends, for easy 
and accurate color matching of gradient logos and graphics.

Additional Updates
The following additional updates and enhancements are included in Version 7.2:
•	Fixes for PDF transparencies and other RIP file issues
•	Improved cut contour speed and accuracy
•	Multi-select jobs added to Layout
•	Removed 5,000,000 halftone line limit on PDF/EPS files
•	Consistent application of International Color Consortium® (ICC) profiles embedded in PDF 1.7 files
•	Localization and translation updates

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