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Gandinnovations - 8/22/2008

McRae Imaging Banks on Jeti Aquajet to Build its U.S-based Business

It took less than five minutes for Bob Murray, president and owner of McRae Imaging, to be sold on the Jeti 
Aquajet 3324, Gandinnovations’ first non-heat press printer.  

"For the past three years I’ve been traveling the world looking at Grand Format products by Dupont, Vutek, 
Scitex, you name it; but none of them could meet my two basic requirements: 1) high photographic quality, 
and 2). Eco-friendly production," says Murray. 

“I’ve heard about Gandinnovations for several years; they have a tremendously good reputation within the 
industry. As I watched their company grow, I was consistently impressed with their product range, and heard 
only positive stories from those who used their products. So, I waited until the company produced a printer that
captured my interest. And, it finally arrived.  

Nothing compares to the Jeti Aquajet 3324, nothing comes close. The output produces an unrivaled color 
gamut, resolution, quality, plus it operates using water based ink,” Murray adds. 

A Colorful Past and a Bright Future
Murray is at the helm of the world’s leading graphics and custom structures company, based in Mississauga, 
Ontario.  Its 20,000 square foot facility houses the latest in digital dye-sub printing equipment, an in-house finishing 
department and a state of the art metal fabrication shop. 

Murray purchased McRae Custom Color eleven years ago; the company then had a reputation as the best 
shop in technical expertise for the production and reproduction of photo prints.  But technology was impacting 
the photo industry and Murray transitioned into digital imaging, dye sublimation and fabric technology.  His 
photographic background kept him on a quest to find water-based ink printing with photo realistic output.

“Digital printing has come a long way, and is moving toward photographic quality, it has changed the tradeshow 
exhibit landscape.  Fabric structures are now expected splashes of color on the show floor, and they’re known 
for allowing designer imagination to stretch much further than spandex ever could. 

Along with the technology that has made this possible, graphics companies are forced to evolve.  We still 
focus on printing solutions, but now offer aluminum structure, lights and fabrics, and constantly look toward the 
future.  This new machine from Gandinnovations will allow us to become more competitive, expanding  McRae’s 
event market, trade show and retail business. 

We love a challenge. We continue to define industry standards in image clarity and consistency,” says Murray. 

"The Jeti? Aquajet 3324 is a perfect marriage of conventional textile printing needs and innovative digital 
convenience," states Eddie Carmara, Sales Manage for Gandinnovations?.   

Sturdy Jeti? printer construction ensures maximum performance and reliability in a 24-7 production environment.  
With the Jeti? Aquajet 3324 a textile print shop can meet its full potential of heavy production demands at a lower 
cost while producing high quality images at greater speeds. 

Typically the dye-sub process involves curing the fabric, followed by a print, transfer, and heat press run.  The 
Jeti? Aquajet 3324 saves time and resources through technology that cures the fabric on the machine, and 
prints direct to fabric.  It eliminates the transfer process, saving print shops time and money.  All materials are 

Environmental Responsibility

“At McRae, we don’t believe that we inherited the Earth from our parents; we believe that we are borrowing it 
from our children. Environmental stewardship plays a roll in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We 
recycle almost everything – transfer paper, fabric, plastic, aluminum and wooden pallets. We are also 
committed to using environmentally friendly processes and supplies such as water-based inks

The Jeti? Aquajet is so eco-friendly, you smell the fresh air while you work.  It’s a production workhorse,” 
exclaims Murray.  For more information on McRae Imaging visit the website at 

“The Aquajet 3324 opens up a new niche in an already exclusive market, creating sharper, more 
effervescent colors and images than the industry has ever seen before,” adds Carmara.

The Jeti? Aquajet 3324 is unquestionably the fastest 3.3m (10’10”) meter grand-format digital printer designed 
explicitly for the fabric and textile printing industry.

It can achieve speeds of 650 sqm/hr on a 4 pass mode, depending upon quality control for extra large 
billboard size images.

We’ve added an advanced feature of 24 spectra heads to meet the high resolution needs of the printing 
industry and maintained high-speed performance,” says Carmara.

“We will continue to place emphasis on perfecting technology.  If it has our name on it, be assured that it is the 
most advanced high-speed, high-resolution printer engineered at the lowest possible cost.  Really, you have to 
see it print to believe it.  The combination of quality and speed is amazing!” concludes Carmara.

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